Fb Outlines Easy methods to Make Greatest Use of Natural Video Testing in Creator Studio


Here’s a helpful rundown of a tool that many users probably didn’t know existed.

Last September, Facebook started rolling out a new bio video pOst test tool in Creator Studio to help creators A / B test aspects of their video postings. Late last week, Facebook released a new rundown on how to get the most out of the new tool to maximize the performance of your Facebook video.

As pointed out by product marketing manager Prab Kumar, organic post-tests allow you to test different variations of a video post against each other to find a “winner” who you can then post on your site.

As explained by Kumar:

“We know that video artists and publishers have a lot of creative choices to make. There are creative choices that you make about the actual video, like what’s in the video, things like aspect ratio, and other production-related creative choices. And then Are there creative decisions about the actual posts, such as what is in the post description, what is the title of the video, do you use emojis in your post description, what is the thumbnail? “

The post-test option is designed to help you answer some of these questions by letting you try different variations of your video posts, which are then released to a sample of your target audience based on the time allotted for each test. You will then get insights into which post received the most responses and can publish that post for your entire audience.

Within the Post-Test option, available in the “Content Library” section in Creator Studio, you can create up to four variations of a video post which, as mentioned earlier, will then be “tested” with part of your audience. Based on the parameters you set (i.e. impressions or time), Facebook will further distribute the “winner” post beyond its original test group.

As you can see on the left, the Post-Test fields allow you to select the key metric (s) you want to test for and the duration of the test. At the end of this test phase, Facebook will publish the winning entry on your page based on the measurement data you have selected. The other test variants remain in your content library, but are not published on your site.

Currently, Facebook offers five options for the duration of your video tests:

  • 10 mins
  • 30 minutes
  • 1 hour
  • 3 hours
  • 24 hours

Kumar says the system defaults to 30 minutes for a test, which is generally quite a lot of time, “but you need to figure out what works best for you”. Kumar recommends that page managers run tests for the shortest amount of time to see results as this limits the number of people who see your “lost” posts, which vary based on audience size.

Interestingly, Kumar also notes that you can schedule a review on a video that you want to post at a specific time.

“If you want a video to be posted around noon tomorrow and you want to run a test about an hour in advance, you can schedule a test. The scheduling options let you choose when you want the winner to fall on your side and We calculate backwards when to run the test, including processing times, etc., in order for the test to produce results and a winner to be posted on your page when you want it. “

Kumar notes that the testing tool can be a valuable way to learn what is working in video content and that Pages can help maximize audience reach and response.

Kumar also provides some additional pointers that indicate that users should:

  • Avoid long-term creative strategy decisions based on a test
  • Analyze the full results of their tests, not just their focus metrics
  • Analyze your retention curves over time to ensure that you are maximizing your optimization recommendations

Given the focus on video content, organic post-testing can be a valuable tool in your Facebook arsenal. Given that they are freely available in Creator Studio, it makes sense to try them out to make sure that you are maximizing your video efforts.

According to Kumar, post-tests are being introduced and should be available to most Creator Studio users.

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