Farmer Boy Ecommerce Replatforming Success Story (2021)


Farmer Boy has been a leader in the agribusiness for over 30 years, providing animal treatment and husbandry, pest control, medication and protective equipment for cattle, pig, horse and poultry farms. Their clients range from large commercial farms to medium-sized family-owned farmers to hobbyists who have set up a small homestead in their backyard.

Farmer Boy is not simply a transactional business, however. The company is focused on building long-term relationships with its customers and the communities in which they operate.

Legacy platform limitations block growth and stifle the brand

Farmer Boy was present online, but it did not represent the sheer number of products for sale, nor did it really convey to customers the value-added services the company offers. Most importantly, the website did not promote the resources and knowledge that a multi-generation family-run business brings to the community.

“Our previous platform was very rigid and we couldn’t make many changes on our own,” said Brian Marquette, Farmer Boy’s digital marketing manager. “There were also significant restrictions on the website on our site, which ultimately made the owners feel like it wasn’t what they wanted their customers to look like. We were ready to take the next step in growing the company by creating a website that looks fresh and new. “

Additionally, the platform failed to accommodate the kind of complexity typically required for B2B e-commerce. The old process created barriers between B2B customers and the final purchase, such as: B. a consultation with a sales professional and a 2-3 day processing time for the estimate and offer process.

BigCommerce’s flexible framework offers Farmer Boy endless possibilities

So Farmer Boy set out to find a solution that would support the expanded functionality and flexibility they need to grow their business while also allowing them to design an e-commerce website that reflects their commitment to their customers. With the help of the e-commerce design and development agency Guidance, Farmer Boy was able to redesign and reposition his e-commerce website on BigCommerce.

“To build a solid foundation for their redesigned website, Farmer Boy needed a cloud-based e-commerce platform that would offer hybrid B2B and B2C capabilities with full long-term scalability,” said River Korn, Account Director at Guidance. “BigCommerce was the best choice for the regularly updated platform, which offers extensive B2B and B2C functions as well as unlimited integration potential.”

BigCommerce’s seamless, out-of-the-box functionality and platform flexibility enables Farmer Boy to take more control of his brand and website. Marketing and product teams can quickly brainstorm and launch new products and promotions at their convenience without waiting for the middleman to make the changes.

“BigCommerce gives us control over how we create the experience we want to deliver to our B2B and B2C audiences. This is very important as we grow and compete with companies that are significantly larger than we are today. We can focus on these two opportunities at the same time with the same website and see the results of that investment on our website very quickly, ”said Marquette.

BundleB2B enables multiple groups of buyers and easy ordering

Farmer Boy’s new e-commerce website needed to support an online ordering workflow for a B2B audience while providing self-service capabilities to buyers with specific roles and permissions.

By bundling B2B with the BigCommerce platform, Farmer Boy can easily manage his 2,300+ company accounts on the website and allow any company to set up multiple buyers within their organization with flexible roles and permissions, including company administrators, senior buyers and junior buyers.

For example, company administrators manage all aspects of the company, addresses and users, approve shopping lists, make purchases, and view company order history. Young buyers, on the other hand, only receive the authorization to create shopping lists and view the company’s order history. Senior Buyers have all of the Junior Buyer’s permissions in addition to approving shopping lists and making purchases.

In addition, sales reps can sign in on behalf of a company, access shopping lists created by buyers in the company, add products to the shopping cart, and complete the order.

BigCommerce’s expandability creates a connected customer experience that drives sales

Farmer Boy’s BigCommerce website now allows B2B buyers to find and research the products they are looking for instead of relying on a seller. To facilitate this experience, Guidance created a navigation scheme that supports a newly created taxonomy and is strongly committed to a search and recommendation solution with AI support.

Once the user has found a product and lands on the product description page (PDP), the newly created PDP serves as a real shopping experience with improved product descriptions and layout to really inform the customer about the buying process. This takes the pressure off the sales and customer support teams and frees them up for more strategic work.

Farmer Boy also has unprecedented access to B2C and B2B customers via Re: Amaze’s on-site chat solution, which leads to helpful insights into customer behavior and increased sales opportunities. Marquette says the ability to chat with customers has opened up to more inquiries and sales, and we’re having conversations we couldn’t have before.

Additionally, B2B Ninja’s seamless integration with the BigCommerce platform enables B2B buyers to accurately estimate the cost of products based on their unique negotiated prices while sharing prices and availability with the B2C audience. “The ability to fully process and generate an automated listing based on dealer-retailer negotiated prices has fundamentally changed the way Farmer Boy does business with customers,” said Korn.

Farmer Boy removes barriers and positions himself for incredible growth

Overall, moving to BigCommerce has given Farmer Boy the flexibility to do business entirely online and has removed a barrier to entry into the online agricultural market. Since starting BigCommerce, the brand has seen growth in sales, Average Order Value (AOV), customer reach, and more.

Farmer Boy chose his vision for the future and his desire to compete with much larger companies by expanding online. Competing with larger retailers in this space, Farmer Boy is now able to scale its business from a solid foundation and pursue growth on its own terms.

“Growing our parts and accessories business and expanding our reach in the continental US is a huge part of our goals,” said Marquette. “Since the launch of the new website, we have been reaching more customers than ever before and taking market share from our competitors.”

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