Emails We Love: Satisfaction Version


June is finally here and while the weather is hot these emails are even hotter. We’re checking out some of our favorite emails celebrating the LGBTQIA + community.

1. Show & tell

Subject: Thank you for joining our mailing list.

After Show & Tell

First impressions are said to be the most important, and to start our list, let’s start with the welcome email from Show & Tell. The wonderful heroic image attracts you with its brightness and warmth and lets me be part of this group of friends and their community.

My enthusiasm for our connection is complemented by your personalized message (you know my name!) And premium content like the handy discount code. Sadwe blocked the discount code? Visit the website for email inspiration and your own discount.

2. Brave Boi

Subject: NEW DROP: Dark blue chinos


From Dapper Boi

As an email marketer, it’s important to find inspiration both inside and outside of your industry. For me, there is no better place than retail brands like Dapper Boi.

The retail sector is consistently perfecting the imagery. Dapper Boi stands above the others with the presentation of her clothes, her mix of still and action shots and her selection of models. So if you’re looking for inspiration or a new pair of pants because your office isn’t made for sweatpants, Dapper Boi is the place for you.

3. The Trevor Project

Subject: Support our lifesaving mission

trevor project email

From The Trevor Project

In the last email we saw the power of images. Now we come to copying. There is no group that creates stories as great as nonprofits. The Trevor Project is a great example as every email they send goes back to their mission while addressing current events, celebrations or holidays.

In this email, they give subscribers a first look at their Pride partners and share how they can celebrate and help the community.

4. Lesbian Tech

Subject: Find Your Match at Pride 💛 Bumble CEO Whitney Wolfe joins the lineup

Lesbian-the-tech email

From lesbians to tech

No matter how you pronounce it – gif or gif (personally, I’m team gif), when added to an email, they make a big impact. Event emails allow us to break the traditional image-to-text relationship, as can be seen here with the speaker list.

This list grows with each promotional email, adding excitement to the event, and leading the reader down the list to the additional calls-to-action at the end.

5. Wild-caught


Tomboy email

From tomboy

Even without that amazing subject line, this email has everything you want in it. From the bold typography to the striking images, this email makes you want to put on some overalls and go on my wheelie.

6. Bonus: Erdos + Ko


From Erdos + Co

While technically not an email, I wanted to highlight this great email popup. Erdos + Ko show us how to create a pop-up that is not intrusive by having a clear message about how they use my email and how they stand up for my privacy. And who doesn’t want to register when the owners have invited you and their adorable dog to this homely scene?

Thank you for joining us for another edition of Emails We Love. What LGBTQIA + emails are you celebrating this month?

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