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Swagbucks is a popular and established website that offers you the opportunity to receive free gift cards and cash. It is a completely free service that rewards its members for certain things online, including the ability to make money from online surveys. These are things you probably already do on a daily basis, such as: B. shop online and search the Internet. They even reward members for playing games and watching videos.

They give you the rewards in the form of points, known as self-service points. 100 self-service points equate to USD 1 (GBP 0.72). You can then redeem the points either for cash or as a gift card. At the time of this writing, Swagbucks paid £ 346,331,753 in rewards to their members. That’s an incredible amount of cash now.

They also give 7,000 gift cards to members every day. You can choose from many gift cards, such as B. Tesco, John Lewis and iTunes. You can also donate your SB as charitable donations if you wish, with many charities to choose from.

It is extremely easy to sign up and start earning rewards. Just enter your email address and create a password to start making money. You can Login here.

How can you earn 10% lifetime commission?

Once you sign up at Swagbucks, you can start earning right away. To earn 10% for life, you need to invite your friends to join Swagbucks.

It’s easy. You will receive a personal referral code that you can share with others and when they collect self-service points you will receive 10% of their earnings immediately. For example, if your friend signs up via your referral link and earns 600 SB in one day, you will receive 60 SB for free!

The more people sign up with your referral code, the more money you will make. So make sure to send your link to friends, family, co-workers or even post it on your social media for your followers to use and then they can make money with the online surveys and more!

Sounds like child’s play to us.

Other ways to earn with Swagbucks

If your friends signed up for Swagbucks through your referral link, help them get started by teaching them some easy ways to make money. Remember, the more you earn, the more you earn. So it doesn’t hurt to help them get the most out of Swagbucks.


At MoneyMagpie, we believe there is real potential to make money from online surveys. Not only are they convenient because they can be done anywhere you have an internet connection, but they also help with market research that will benefit consumers over the long term. Surveys take approximately 2 minutes to 25 minutes, but how long you want to take the survey is entirely up to you. The longer the survey, the more self-service points you can collect.


You can earn thousands of SB by downloading and playing fun and addicting games. Right now there is a great offer for you to earn a whopping 2,000 SB for downloading and playing Farmville 3. Do you get paid to play games? Yes, please.


Are you thinking of getting some new kicks? Did you have sunglasses in mind for the summer months? Why not buy from Swagbucks and earn rewards for doing so? In addition to offering self-service for online shopping, Swagbucks also offers cashback from a number of great websites including Boots, M&S, Argos and many more.


There is no hesitation on our part when it comes to this! To be able to watch your favorite boxing sets and films for free and then be rewarded for them? Sounds dreamy.

Why choose Swagbucks?

The real question is why not? There are many reasons we could give for this Swagbucks is the first port of call to start earning consumer rewards.

First, it’s absolutely free. What’s not to love about free money and gift cards? Especially when you make money by inviting your friends and family. You are literally being rewarded for doing nothing. Sounds pretty cozy to us.

Second, it’s easy. You get paid to do things that you probably do most of the time anyway – watch, scroll, shop, and play. Now you can do all of these things while smugly knowing that you will earn rewards by doing so.

It’s finally fun! Earning with Swagbucks doesn’t feel like a chore and is a fun way to make a little extra cash every day.

So what are you waiting for?

SIGN UP FOR SWAGBUCKS HERE AND EARN MONEY by completing online activities and inviting your friends.

Let us know how you are doing in the comments below. Can You Make Money From Online Surveys? Did you make money playing games? We want to hear all about your experience.

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