Distinctive Rewards Assessment 2021: Is Distinctive Rewards Legit?


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Unique Rewards offers a wide variety of tasks to help you make money in your free time. Although it can take a few weeks for the minimum withdrawal of USD 20 to be reached, you can request PayPal or a check.


  • Expect $ 0.50 to $ 1 per survey
  • Earn more by playing games, watching videos, and reading emails
  • PayPal is processed every Monday
  • Earn 10% of referral earnings


  • Minimum withdrawal threshold of USD 20
  • Many tasks without a survey pay less than 1 cent

Brand surveys

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Average of $ 0.50 to $ 3 per survey

The average survey duration is 15 minutes


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13 additional ways to make money

Life points

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Earn up to $ 20 a month

15 minutes to complete a survey

Minimum withdrawal threshold of $ 5

If you’re looking for a side gig, you may have considered taking surveys. Unfortunately, not every survey platform is legitimate.

In this Unique Rewards review, I’ll be researching this platform to see if it’s the right choice for you.

Is Unique Rewards Legitimate?

Unique Rewards is UK based and has been in existence since 2003. There is no BBB profile. However, it has a good reputation in the online community.

Some review comments from Unique Rewards include complaints about account closures and missing payments. However, there are numerous positive reviews praising the variety of tasks and ease of making money.

How do unique rewards work?

With Unique Rewards, companies receive consumer data for market research purposes. Real consumer opinions and feedback are critical to creating marketing campaigns and developing new products.

What is the Unique Reward Sign Up Process?

How to register for unique rewards

You can register on the Unique Rewards website. You need to fill out a form with your basic information and select the offers that interest you. You will then receive a confirmation email. Once you click the link, you can log into the website and start earning.

Unique Rewards is available in the US, Canada and the UK. Members must be at least 18 years old, but teenagers can apply with parental permission. The platform also only allows one account per household. So no more than one account with the same mailing address or the same computer is allowed.

Here you can register for Unique Rewards

How much are Unique Reward Points worth?

Unique Rewards does not use a points system. All surveys and assignments show a dollar value

How Much Can You Earn From Unique Rewards Online Surveys?

Make money with unique rewards

Unique Rewards compares you to surveys based on the profile information and the details you provided when you signed up. This ensures that you meet the demographic requirements for each survey panel.

You get $ 0.50 for completing the first profile survey, and Unique Rewards offers a 10% bonus on any tasks you complete in the first two days after registering

The surveys take up to 30 minutes and you can expect to make $ 0.50 to $ 1 per survey. There are new surveys every week, but whether you qualify depends on your demographics.

What are the other ways to make money with unique rewards?

What are other benefits of Unique Rewards?

to invite friends

Unique Rewards has an innovative referral program. You will receive $ 1 when your transfer completes the first task. Earn $ 5 when their account is active with income over $ 20, and get 10% of their income for life.

Unlike many other survey sites, there is no limit to the number of friends and family you refer to the platform.

Radio offer

This task involves entering captcha codes on radio websites. If a capture code is available and you submit it, you will receive $ 0.03. However, if you live in the UK or Canada, this task is only worth $ 0.01.

watch videos

There are 30 seconds of advertising on the website every day. Earn $ 0.01 for every video you watch. This isn’t a high-paying task, but there are up to 20 of these videos available every day. No interaction is required, so you can play the videos in the background while doing other tasks.

Bar email offers

You can expect up to 3 emails from Unique Rewards per day. There are exclusive offers and promotions in the emails. To receive $ 0.01, all you have to do is open the email and click the link to the advertiser’s website.

However, if you decide to take advantage of the offer, you will receive another reward. By taking advantage of the email offers, you can earn anywhere from $ 0.25 to $ 20 depending on the promotion.

Click on Cash Offers

There are also cash offers on your dashboard that can increase your earnings. In the “New” area there are new offers for products and services. Offerings include financial services, health and beauty, dating, entertainment, and more.

Click on offers that are of interest to you and you will visit the advertiser’s website. When you complete the offer you will receive a cash bonus. This can range from a few cents to $ 20 or more.

Gold membership

Once you’ve reached the minimum withdrawal threshold of $ 20 and requested your first payment, you’ll be automatically upgraded to Gold Membership.

Gold membership increases the commission you receive for tasks by 40%. This goes for almost all surveys, offers, and videos, which is a huge boost to your earning potential.

Shopping online

If you enjoy shopping online, this is a great way to increase your Unique Rewards earnings. There are shopping offers with cashback up to 35% Reward. However, this is only a good opportunity for income if you plan to purchase these specific products

play games

Finally, you can make money and play free games. You can earn $ 0.001 to $ 0.01 for every game you play.

How do I redeem points with unique rewards?


Once your balance reaches $ 20, you can withdraw and receive PayPal payment. Unique Rewards processes payment requests on Mondays and you can expect to receive your money within two days.


You can choose to receive a check if you wish. The minimum balance is still $ 20, but checks can take up to 30 days to complete.

What are the pros and cons of Unique Rewards?


  • Unique Rewards processes PayPal payments every Monday and you can expect to receive your money within two days.
  • There are several ways to make money. So if no surveys are available, you can still keep earning.
  • In addition to receiving 10% of the earnings of your referral, there are cash bonuses available when they complete their first task and cash out for the first time.
  • You can automatically qualify for gold membership and thus increase your earning potential.


  • Some ads may contain malware or viruses. Some review comments on Unique Rewards highlighted security issues. Hence, you need to make sure that your computer has reliable antivirus software.
  • Many tasks pay less than 1 cent, which means you may have to invest a lot of time to meet the minimum withdrawal threshold of $ 20.
  • The minimum withdrawal threshold of $ 20 is higher than many survey platforms. There are review comments on Unique Rewards indicating that your earnings are difficult to access.
  • Unique Rewards doesn’t have an app, which makes it harder to make money on the go.

Is it worth a unique reward?

Unique Rewards is certainly a legitimate company with a track record of over ten years. The company has a good online reputation and offers a wide variety of activities to help make money.

Although many of the tasks are badly paid, with daily use of the platform it should be easy to withdraw every few weeks. This makes it a great choice for those looking to make a little extra cash in their free time. Students, parents or retirees who stay at home can enjoy the platform.

However, if you’re looking for a serious side gig or need to replace a full-time income, this isn’t the best option.

Unique reward alternatives


How do I contact Unique Rewards Customer Service?

There is a contact form on the website. However, you can also access the customer service team via email, social media platforms, or the forum.

Is Unique Rewards free?

Yes, but when you sign up for a quote, you may be asked to provide your credit card details. You can see a charge if you don’t cancel before the trial ends.

Can you complete unique rewards surveys with the mobile app?


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