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Everyone loves a business, and ecommerce buyers are no different. Coupons, discounts and other offers can attract new customers and retain existing customers.

In fact, according to a recent poll by Vericast, 83 percent of consumers bought at least one item in the past six months – and 62 percent were shopping at a brand for the first time – because of a coupon or discount. These numbers suggest that shoppers are more drawn to brands and products than ever, at least in part by the money they save.

“Discounts and coupons can drive sales and brand awareness for e-commerce businesses as well as brick and mortar locations,” said Sarah O’Grady, Vericast’s vice president of brand marketing, to the E-Commerce Times.

“While the in-store shopping experience will make consumers feel normal, it is also an incredible opportunity for e-commerce businesses to build on what attracted shoppers to their store and encourage them to keep shopping online.

“To match the increased value consumers attach to discounts and savings, brands can build closer connections with consumers by addressing their wants and needs with targeted, timely and relevant offers,” she said.


Invitation to buy

Consumers are constantly bombarded with advertising and buying opportunities, and discounts can help them make a decision in the sophisticated and sometimes difficult-to-navigate digital world.

“Especially in this accelerated digital environment, where the competition is fierce, discounts and coupons create a strong sense of urgency, encourage quick decision-making and the prospect of a closed sale,” Nate Burke, CEO of Diginius, told the E- Trading hours.

“In addition to interacting with new and existing customers, it advertises and directs users to linked mailing lists and newsletters so that communication with customers can be established in the future,” says Burke.

By helping consumers make decisions, discounts can help make their shopping journey easier and make them purchase with ease.

“Today’s shoppers don’t just shop in brick and mortar stores,” Ken Platt, managing director of e-commerce and sponsored search for Quotient Technology, told the E-Commerce Times.

“They buy online, they place click and collect orders, and they have things delivered. Ultimately, I believe buyers will shop the way they want. It is up to the retailers to get that consumer ride as smoothly as possible.

“If e-commerce and omnichannel companies can activate coupons on their platform in the same way that buyers are used to redeeming coupons in-store, it is all the more attractive for consumers to choose their platform the next time they make a purchase. “, He reasoned.

Sometimes discounts are exactly what consumers need to get them to make a purchase, as they lower the stake a little and encourage shoppers to try something new.

“Just like traditional brick-and-mortar retail, e-commerce coupons can be a strategic way to convince local customers to pull the trigger,” said Katie Capka, marketing manager at Kaspien, The E-Commerce Times.

“At Amazon in particular, coupons can be an effective way of increasing listing performance and offering residual benefits long after the coupon has expired. Amazon’s A9 algorithm takes many factors into account, including the listing conversion rate.

“Coupons are a surefire way to increase the conversion rate of offers, which helps Amazon’s A9 algorithm recognize the listing as one that is worth showing up on the search results page, and ultimately helps even after the sale has ended, ”she explained.

Building Loyalty

Discounts and coupons not only encourage consumers to buy, but can also help foster a sense of brand loyalty. That loyalty, in turn, can help bring customers back in the future – even if they don’t have a coupon.

“Businesses need to show value to their customers today, and deals or coupons are one way to do that,” said Ty Lim, Formation’s senior vice president of marketing, told the E-Commerce Times.

“Attracting dedicated, long-term customers with loyalty programs and offers ensures that ecommerce businesses grow their business in a scalable and efficient manner. Businesses have a 60 to 70 percent chance of selling to an existing customer compared to just five to 20 percent percent for new prospects, “said Lim.

Discounts introduce customers to the products and philosophy of a company and can inspire these customers so much that they come back on their own.

“While discounts and coupons are, on the surface, ways to market products and retain customers, the real driver is loyalty-building,” said Sean Turner, CTO and co-founder of Swiftly, to the E-Commerce Times.

“The lines between e-commerce and in-store purchases are blurring, and with the right technology solution, retailers can offer their buyers branded coupons that increase volume without affecting the bottom line. If you don’t offer all the discounts you can, you’re leaving money on the table, “he said.

Offer real value

Coupons and discounts evolve along with technology and shopping trends, but there seems to be one constant: consumers want to feel like they’re on a deal.

“Coupons or discounts should feel like a reward when communicated properly,” Matthew Reevy, SEO manager at Ueni, told the E-Commerce Times.

“From a consumer perspective, I should feel like I’m getting an excellent deal on something that has real, tangible value. When I feel like a company is just trying to move old inventory, or that the promotional price on offer is so much other than what I can find anywhere else online, I most likely won’t bother with it. “

Ultimately, coupons and discounts, even as they evolve, are likely to remain an indelible part of ecommerce sales.

“They have now become something of an expectation,” Reevy said. “It may well be that the ghost out of the bottle coupons and discounts will become less of a promotional exception and more of a regular cost for e-commerce businesses.”

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