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In times of crisis and uncertainty, new business acquisition slows down for most creative, marketing and digital agencies. Offering a flexible, fully customizable newsletter is a great way to minimize churn and keep accounts when you need them most.

According to research by Uplers, 47% of the agencies recorded a decline in new business contacts in the wake of COVID.

As the acquisition of new accounts becomes increasingly difficult, customer loyalty becomes a primary concern for agencies. The cost of closing and gaining a new agency account is around 4x larger than the contract extension and keep an existing customer on board, as Proposify CEO Kyle Racki explains in this loyalty strategy video.

Custom Newsletters: Easier than ever for agencies

A custom newsletter with your customers’ own style and branding is a great way to show how much you value their relationship and understand their special needs.

Campaign Monitor is a technology developed by agency marketers for agency marketers that recognizes the importance of these types of special gestures and unique offers. We also understand the importance of knowing how to create email marketing templates quickly and to scale.

That’s why we’re excited to introduce you to our new branding template tool on the Campaign Monitor platform. This new feature makes it easier than ever for agencies to pamper their clients with engaging custom newsletters that look beautiful and get results.

Regardless of whether your shop serves just a handful of customers or a few hundred customers, the branding template tool simplifies the production process for your team. It takes you step by step How do I create email marketing templates? that looks great and fits perfectly into each customer’s brand. You can easily apply themes, color schemes, logos, and more.

The flexibility of this feature gives you several options to improve your customers’ experience and results. If you typically take a hands-on approach where you do most or all of the email marketing, the tool will be intuitive for your own team to use.

Alternative; If you’re more of a self-service model, where customers do most of their own work and you’re more of a support / advisor, it’s easy to enable the features and make them available to them. Customers only have to enter their website URL: the tool will automatically recognize their logo and colors!

Ready to start? Sign up to test the full power and capabilities of the new and improved Brand Template Builder.

The power of custom newsletters for your agency

If you haven’t already, there are several top reasons you should consider offering custom newsletter services and features.

  • You’re good for business. A big advantage of newsletters for agencies is that they are regular, recurring projects. Many organizations send (or at least want to) send out weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletters. This means reliable, dependable billing times for you and a constant opportunity for you to keep accounts and advance your other services.
  • It’s easy to do, but it makes you look like an absolute assistant to your clients. You can help your clients send out beautiful, highly effective newsletters that look like it took an army of designers and developers countless days of effort and sweat to produce. What they don’t need to know is that moving in together was a breeze for your team Email marketing software for use by agencies.
  • Custom newsletters keep you up to date. When you’re doing something special for a client they love, they’ll find it difficult to do that work internally or elsewhere. This is enormous for long-term customer loyalty.

The value of branded content to your customers

Brand newsletters are not only ideal for your agency. They also have great potential benefits for customers.

A recent survey shows that Currently, 74.5% of marketers rely on branded content. It’s also worth noting that more than two-thirds of marketers expect their customers to spend more on branded content in the future. Brand content makes customers feel familiar. They’re more convenient and make branded emails better for ROI.

How about the bigger brands in the world? Do they turn to this strategy in their content? Check out how one of the biggest names in entertainment / media has improved its approach to branded content over the past few years.

How about the bigger brands in the world?  Do they turn to this strategy in their content?  Check out how one of the biggest names in entertainment / media has improved its approach to branded content over the past few years.

Source: counter

Key performance indicators for email newsletters

As with any email marketing, you should closely monitor KPI progress for your customers’ newsletters. This will give you the data and evidence you need to prove your worth and show that your custom newsletter templates are a must-have service to them.

When it comes to newsletters, there are some metrics that you should pay particular attention to in your reporting.

Click rate

This is the bread-and-butter number for most email marketing, including newsletters. It explains how engaging subscribers find your newsletter templates – and what content they contain. For most brands, click-throughs are the first step towards key metrics: conversions, sales, donations, etc.

Opening rate

Because of the uniqueness of newsletters, you and your customers should look at open rates from a different perspective than you might evaluate the open rates of promotional or transactional emails. Notice; The purpose of a newsletter is not just to convert messages, but to share them. That means information, updates, entertainment – the kind of Email content that builds relationships.

If the main goal of a particular newsletter is to let subscribers know about an important product change, say best wishes for the vacation, or put out a big announcement, then all of that information can be right inside the newsletter itself. In such cases, the open rate is the best indicator of whether users will receive the message.

Unsubscribe from the installment

Newsletters increase the frequency with which your customers show up in subscribers’ inboxes. And once you’ve seen how effective your custom email templates are, you might be asked to design and send even more.

This is good news for you and your clientele … up to a point. There is always a risk that too much good will happen. Regular newsletters in addition to your typical marketing emails and triggered messages can quickly go from charming to annoying and increase the unsubscribe rate. When you see that number go up, suggest that your customer drain the gas so you don’t alienate too many customers.

Refer to this guide for more information the most important KPIs for email newsletters.

Test your path to killer newsletter performance

Once you’ve created a great custom newsletter program for your customers, it’s time to activate your killer marketer instinct. This is what really makes the difference between a generic and a custom newsletter experience at your agency and what drives customer loyalty.

Fortunately, getting started with simple, powerful tests isn’t difficult. Because of their ongoing nature, newsletters make it particularly easy to control a large number of variables and collect enough data to determine clear winners. An email platform such as Campaign Monitor designed for use by agencies makes it easy to set up tests and report results to customers.

Do you need some inspiration to get started? Try one of these invaluable agency email testing resources:

Wrap up

Custom email templates are a small way to show a customer that you care. However, they can have a huge impact on customer loyalty. The best agency email templates are ones that are flexible and easy to adapt to any brand, so you spend less resources on small-volume production. To recap:

  • When new accounts are difficult to find, it becomes even more important to maintain your relationships and renew existing contracts.
  • Use Campaign Monitor’s branded templates to scale the customization of newsletters with minimal incremental load on your team and resources.
  • Because of their value, newsletters are a particularly good starting point for branding templates for both clients and your own agency.
  • Once started, don’t forget to carefully monitor the performance of your custom newsletter. especially with metrics like open rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate.
  • Don’t get complacent even if you succeed immediately. There is always room for improvement and growth – test what works and show your customers that you are committed to continuous improvement.

Branded templates are just one reason Campaign Monitor is the email marketing technology for over 50,000 agencies around the world. Get powerful email technology built by agencies for agencies and increase performance not only for clients but also for your own brand. Learn more.

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