Clubhouse Strikes to Subsequent Stage of Testing for Android App, Continues to Develop Fee Instruments


No matter how you look at it, things are sure to get tougher for the audio social pioneer Clubhouse.

Last week, Facebook announced a number of new audio social products across its various interfaces, Reddit added ‘Reddit Talk,’ its own version of the format, and Instagram started IG live streams with audio only, which offered more alternative options for the key functionality of the clubhouse.

And today, Twitter Clubhouse gave Clubhouse another slap in the face with the expanded launch of its Audio Spaces offering to all Twitter users on iOS and Android who have more than 600 followers.

As a reminder, Clubhouse does not yet have an Android app.

You can imagine that the vibe around the clubhouse headquarters is quite tense, but for now the app is continuing on its own path, pushing its own development plans forward, and moving into the next phase of its expansion. Or ‘renovation’ I guess because it’s a clubhouse … it doesn’t matter.

This extension will of course primarily focus on a full rollout, opening the app to all users and releasing an Android version.

There is nothing new to report on the former, but Clubhouse is moving on to the next stage of its Android app development on the latter.

As reported by TechCrunch:

“The company announced during its weekly town hall event that its Android version has entered beta testing with a handful of non-employees who will provide early feedback to the company before a public launch.”

The clubhouse confirmed the test in its weekly town hall notes:

City hall highlights

???? Continued work on Android, payments and lots of plumbing

???? Fixed a bug in a second version after the update last Sunday

???? Check out the clubhouse headquarters for an update on the Creator First Program Weds @ 9am PST

???? @anuatluru confirms she is still watching Survivor

– Clubhouse (@joinClubhouse) May 2, 2021

The fact that Clubhouse doesn’t have an Android app has now become a much bigger obstacle as competitors bring their audio tools to market for all versions of their apps. This could make it a lot harder for Clubhouse to refer Android users. Why should users switch to a new app for social audio meeting when they get the same functionality in the tools they already know, trust, and are in? have their established interconnection networks?

This could become the crucial question in the lifecycle of the clubhouse hype machine that used its FOMO factor by invitation only to build a significant presence but may be lost entirely due to the same limitation.

With this in mind, Clubhouse needs to work fast to expand rapidly while gradually improving detection algorithms and maximizing developer incentives to avoid losing top broadcasters to these alternative tools.

Which is another element of focus. As you can see in the tweet summary above, Clubhouse is still working on payments alongside the Creator Accelerator program, which offers attendees support and $ 5,000 monthly. This is another means of motivating the top broadcasters to stay active on the payment app for the period they are part of the system.

These are key elements that Clubhouse needs to be right and that determine where to go next.

Will it be able to hold its own against the rapidly growing competition, or will the challenge prove too great and be the next to leave Clubhouse Meerkat, an app that rose quickly and then fell just as quickly before being completely at only 17 was shut down months old?

It’s too early to call, but the clubhouse window appears to be closing. It has to open it up soon with a few large movements.

Additionally, Clubhouse would like to add:

  • New prompts for listeners to join a club after joining a room and setting “a few minutes”
  • Improved RSVP flow for individual events, whether you’re following a club or a speaker
  • A new addition to profiles listing upcoming events to better encourage participation

These are obviously minor but helpful improvements nonetheless – and it’s also worth noting that Clubhouse has an engaged, passionate user base that has built strong communities within the app.

With that in mind, the clubhouse may still be able to keep up and carve out its own niche.

Again, the next steps will be crucial.

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