Charts: 2020 Cross-border Ecommerce Purchases by Nation


Advances in technology and logistics have facilitated the growth of cross-border e-commerce sales. We analyzed 2020 data for total retail ecommerce purchases by country versus volume of cross-border purchases and the percentage of cross-border purchases of total value.

For example, U.S. consumers bought approximately $ 795 billion in retail goods online in 2020. Cross-border purchases accounted for $ 270.1 billion of that, which is 34% of the total. According to our data, consumers in China bought only $ 34 billion in retail goods from other countries in 2020. However, we warn that it is difficult and often unreliable to obtain data on Chinese consumer activity.


After we had determined the number of cross-border purchases by country, we analyzed the countries with the highest sales for each country. For example, in the United States, consumers bought $ 270.1 billion in cross-border retail products online in 2020. Of these, 49% were from China-based dealers and 12% from the UK

In the following we have analyzed eight countries and listed the two most important sales partners and their share of the total.

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