Can Pantone Colours Drive On-line Gross sales?


Adopting retail and social trends can keep your brand fresh and relevant. Some fads are short-lived and only last for days or months. Others could stay for years.

Here are three trends that are inspiring consumers to buy.

3 trends to increase sales

Pantone’s color of the year. The Pantone Matching System has been the standard for color management of digital and physical products since the 1950s. Designers, manufacturers and printers rely on the system to ensure consistent color output.

Nowadays, social media influencers are injecting proprietary colors into more traditional products and colors using the Pantone method. Pantone Color of the Year has been helping brands create exclusive merchandise since 2000.

For example, in 2020 the luxury brand TeaLeaves prepared a tea that, when soaked, produces Pantones Classic Blue. And Uncommon Goods sells stools that mimic Pantone’s colors and block design.

TeaLeaves on the left produced a tea that colors Pantone Classic Blue when soaked. Uncommon Goods sells stools that mimic Pantone’s colors and block design.

Brands sometimes enter into license agreements with Pantone. Otherwise, “Inspired by” landing pages can help ecommerce websites accommodate color trends. Etsy has a huge collection of Pantone-inspired merchandise. Fashion retailer Unique Vintage presents products that match Pantone’s annual color.

Unique vintage store display of Pantone-inspired clothing

Unique Vintage presents its Pantone-inspired clothing.

Options for using the Pantone colors include:

  • Adding splashes of annual color to the site. Pantone’s annual selection evokes emotions and is recognizable.
  • Injecting the color into the site’s navigation. Modern and simple website designs blend well with changeable colors for the navigation bar, calls-to-action (e.g., buttons to add to cart and checkout), and hyperlinks.
  • Add “Compare To” or “Inspired By” icons with links to a relevant article or blog post.
  • Curating customer photos using color.

Mobile payment apps. The use of mobile payment apps is increasing. The most popular are Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Samsung Pay. More emerge.

These mobile apps use tokenization, which encrypts credit card information and replaces it with a randomly generated number. Tokenized platforms are more secure than traditional payment methods and therefore appeal to knowledgeable consumers.

Mobile payment apps are also more convenient for shoppers as they don’t have to enter a credit card number for every transaction. For example, if you select Apple Pay at checkout in a desktop browser, the customer simply approves the transaction using Face ID on an iPhone or iPad or by double-tapping the side button on an Apple Watch.

Promote your mobile payments partners on the home page, in the footer of every page, and across the website.

Health and wellbeing. To determine consumer priority, you should look at trends in the health and wellness sector. In 2020, millions of people focused on home and cooking. Many families wanted to have dinner together more often.

How your prospects react to health trends affects what they buy. Therefore, consider multiple uses for specific product lines and adjust messaging and context of use images accordingly.

For example, a store that sells gardening supplies might have information about the health benefits of the garden and show people using the products. A beauty retailer might show a picture of a woman applying mascara while she goes to the gym, with the caption “Resists Your Exercise”.

Relevant trends?

Think outside the box when considering which trends are affecting your business. Take a cue from KitchenAid, which combines stability and usefulness with design. KitchenAid continues to surprise consumers with features and colors, and is adapting its messages to the current climate.

KitchenAid's trend colors as seen on the main units.

KitchenAid’s business model includes trendy colors that evoke emotions.

In short, consider widespread trends that evoke emotion. They comfort consumers and solidify your business as a one-stop shop.

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