BTS set Spotify document, however 10m streams are discounted on service’s chart


BTS broke the record for Spot One streams on Spotify on Friday (May 21) with the new single Butter. Spotify has confirmed to MBW that BTS played 20.9 million games worldwide in the first 24 hours on the platform.

However, about 9.86 million of those games were later discounted for the numbers that make up Spotify’s publicly available chart numbers, for which Butter credited just 11.042 million in a 24-hour period.

Why? Because of BTS fans who hammer the track on repetition.

Spotify’s strict charting rules are based on a secret formula. However, industry sources tell MBW that only the first 10 games of a track by each user on the platform are eligible for charts within a 24 hour period.

MBW assumes that all 20.9 million streams generated for BTS ‘new single Butter are subject to licensing, even if almost half of them are not shown in the platform’s publicly available numbers.

On YouTube, the video for Butter was reportedly viewed 113 million times on day one, breaking the band’s own record, set in August 2020 with their first fully English-language single, Dynamite, which got 101.1 million views in 24 hours YouTube collected. YouTube has not yet officially confirmed the 113-meter number.

However, Spotify states in its FAQs that because of this secret formula, “You may notice the data [on Spotify’s Chart] is different from other reported stream numbers we share (e.g. in Spotify for Artists, Spotify Analytics, the Desktop App, and other custom usage reports). “

In addition, the SPOT Frequently Asked Questions about Charts add that the official numbers displayed on are “generated using a formula that protects against artificial inflation of chart positions”.

The artificial inflation Spotify is referring to includes incidents such as the time in 2018 when it was claimed over 1,000 Spotify logins were distributed by BTS fan ‘ARMY’ to the US streams for the album Love Yourself: Tear to crank the band.

“On May 21, BTS ‘Butter had the biggest first day in Spotify history, with over 20.9 million streams worldwide.”

Spotify spokesperson

In August last year, BTS’s first fully English-language single Dynamite hit 12.6 million streams on Spotify, but 4.9 million of that were deducted from the table.

At the time, MBW asked if the BTS global fan, ARMY, had coordinated online to increase the single’s streaming numbers on day one – and if they did so without contacting paid stream farms, these were them Play streams less legit than your average on the service.

According to cross-industry data on the Spotify for Artists platform, the 20.9 million streams Butter generated on its 24-hour debut were generated by approximately 3.4 million unique listeners, an average of 6.14 streams per unique Listener in the period corresponds.

It’s also worth noting that Spotify’s launch in South Korea, where BTS has a large audience, makes a notable difference in today’s global streaming market compared to BTS’s 2020 release of Dynamite, which played a role in their record breaking Streaming on the first day could have played numbers on the platform.

Butter was co-written and produced by Columbia Records Chairman and CEO Ron Perry.Music business worldwide

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