Atlantic Information inks three way partnership with vnclm_ label


Atlantic Records has signed a label partnership with the indie record label vnclm_ (vin • cu • lum).

Under the new contract, vnclm_ artists will be released through Atlantic Records and receive sales, promotion, marketing, advertising and more.

These acts include Los Angeles-based artist Arden Jones, who released his new song Roller Coaster as the joint venture’s first single.

vnclm_ was co-founded by three music industry marketers and executives, Jorge Hernendez of IAT Artist Management [Will Jay], Mike Kosak from NBD Management [Royal & the Serpent], and Tim Jones from Pipe & Hat [Faouzia].

The independent record label operates from a house in West Hollywood and is home to artist Arden Jones.

In collaboration with Atlantic Records, vnclm_ will “continue to cultivate a stable of dynamic, disruptive and diverse talent” with an emphasis on A&R, development and aggressively innovative digital marketing, according to the label.

“We just knew it was the right place for us.”


vnclm_ says: “We have been working with Atlantic on various projects for years and have always been enthusiastic about the commitment, attention to detail and passion of the label.

“We just knew this was the right place for us because everyone shared our enthusiasm to make it happen and release this incredible music.

“Craig Kallman, Julie Greenwald, Pete Ganbarg and Paul Sinclair have only strengthened Atlantic’s legacy during this era.

“You really believe in what we do. It wasn’t just about a song or an artist; it was about everything.

“There was no question about signing. We wanted partners who believed in us and what we do. You do it with all your heart. “

Julie Greenwald, Atlantic Records

“Vnclm_ promises to be a fantastic incubator for emerging artists.”

Julie Greenwald, Atlantic Records

Julie Greenwald, Chairman / CEO of Atlantic Records, Craig Kallman and Chairman / COO, said, “By bringing together three great talent scouts under one roof, vnclm_ promises to be a fantastic incubator for emerging artists.

Jorge, Mike and Tim have an uncompromising vision, incredible energy and a real commitment to finding, developing and breaking original voices.

“We are excited about all the great music that you will bring to the Atlantic family.”

“We are constantly striving to develop our relationships with great partners.”

Pete Ganbarg, Atlantic Records

Pete Ganbarg, President of Atlantic Records at A&R, said, “We are constantly striving to develop our relationships with great partners.

“Getting to know Mike through Royal & The Serpent and Tim through Faouzia has given us the opportunity to really appreciate how good they are at what they do.

“And Jorge’s work with his customers has impressed us from afar.

“The opportunity to work with all three at vnclm_ now is very exciting. And Arden is someone we all enjoy working with. “

Kevin Holiday was recently promoted to Executive Vice President of Black Music Promotion at Atlantic Records.

In the UK, Atlantic Records UK and Alternative Distribution Alliance (ADA), both owned by Warner Music Group, recently signed a partnership agreement with Candela Records, a newly formed UK-based record label.Music business worldwide

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