Asserting the 2020 International Messaging Engagement Report


Twilio SendGrids staple food Email benchmark and engagement study is back with a new focus on email and SMS / MMS messaging. The new 2020 Global Messaging Engagement Report helps senders better understand the recipient’s perspective, and this year’s results examine more data than ever before.

not how previous versions of this manualThis report does not focus on open and click rates. Instead, we expanded our research to find out why recipients interact with different messages and which elements in those messages create the most value for the recipients.

Through our partnership with in-house data scientists, the 2020 Global Messaging Engagement Report offers a closer look at engagement behavior in five countries over four generations. This new level of detail shows which types of marketing communication practices are most successful among different age cohorts around the world – and which are likely to be deleted.

The full 2020 Global Messaging Engagement Report is full of rich, useful data that can now be used to improve your messaging programs. In the report you will learn:

  • How often recipients want to receive messages
  • What influences the decision to open an email?
  • Which platform recipients prefer to receive marketing messages?
  • The effects of COVID-19

SMS and email communications are critical to the success of any business. Knowing how and where customers want to get information is half the battle. The 2020 Global Messaging Engagement Report is key to delivering the kind of content they want to recipients on their preferred platform.

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