Amusica Songs Administration joins unbiased licensing company IMPEL


IMPEL, the international collective licensing agency that represents digital publishing rights, has added Amusica Songs Management to its ranks.

Amusica Songs Management is a division of Aroma Music, an independent music group based in Israel.

In signing with IMPEL, Amusica follows Israel-based (and KKR-supported) Artlist, which joined the licensing agency in May.

Amusica was founded in 2015 as the song management department of Aroma Music. It consists of Amusica Song Management, the acquisition company Tzon Barzel and Aroma Neighboring Rights.

Amusica’s online rights catalog includes a listing by Avi Ochayon, Doli And Penn, Tamar Yahalomy, and Yonatan Kalimi, Ron Biton; and Matan Dror.

The cast of the company has written for and with a range of artists including Omer Adam, Eden Ben Zaken, Moshe Peretz, Dudu Aharon, Noa Kirel and Jonathan Mergui.

According to the company, Amusica’s catalog has amassed billions of streams worldwide.

IMPEL is 100% owned and controlled by its members, including independent publishers such as Bucks Music Group, Beggars Music, Reservoir Music, Kassner Music, CTM, ABKCO, Truelove Music, Mute Song, Faber Music and Reach Music.

Last year, IMPEL signed a license agreement with Amazon for its music streaming services in Europe.

“We are very excited to be joining such a great group of like-minded independent publishers.”

Michal Weissberg, Aroma Music

Michal Weissberg, CEO of Aroma Music, said, “We are very excited to be joining such a great group of like-minded independent publishers.

“Music written by Israeli authors is collapsing internationally and we believe that working with IMPEL will give our authors what they need.

“Under the umbrella of IMPEL, we can ensure that our authors are paid accurately, fairly and quickly.”

“The company’s ethos and ambition are impressive.”

Sarah Williams, IMPEL

Sarah Williams, CEO of IMPEL, said: “We are very excited to welcome Amusica.

“The company’s ethos and ambition are impressive and we look forward to working with you to make your vision a reality.

“This is also an important moment for IMPEL as we are expanding beyond what is traditionally perceived as the ‘Anglo-American’ repertoire and adding other qualifying works in other languages. This reflects both our own goals and the way the global music landscape is maturing. “Music business worldwide

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