5 Emails for Summer season Marketing campaign Inspiration


Summer is here!

It’s the time of year to take time off work and take much-needed vacation. Taking advantage of the warmer weather (or traveling in climates with warmer weather) is what summer is all about. And while everything may seem like fun and games, summer is synonymous with declining sales. Because fewer people in the office mean fewer people who can be sold.

If this sounds all too familiar, don’t lose hope. To cope with the summer sales slump, all you need is a creative and clever approach Email campaigns.

Before we look at these, these are some of the basics you’ll need:

  • Have a Subject this captivates your reader and is relevant to their experience of the summer.
  • To use Visuals which are typical of the brand, but also capture the fresh and fun atmosphere of the season.
  • Hold your news bright and bright!

These brands ticked all the boxes and added extra pizzazz to their summer emails. Here are some of our favorites and why we think they work.

1. Christmas ornament – take advantage of the summer vacation

Holidays that fall in summer are always celebrated with a little more enthusiasm – you meet outside, dress up new outfits and freshen up your home. And with the pandemic hopefully breaking out soon, all of this will be received with even more enthusiasm than before.

Christmas ornament got it right with this Memorial Day email. Take a look at the summer mood and the product presentation – it screams for a beach day – and it goes perfectly with the most common summer vacation trips.

They also nailed the subject line: “Immerse yourself in Memorial Day weekend sale. ”Doesn’t that email make you want to buy one of those trendy beach-chic jewelry and cool off in the water?

2. Casper – Make an offer that says “Summer”

If the days are longer and you spend most of your time outdoors, then how can a brand get you to buy their mattresses? Kasper found a way with an ingenious offer. With every regular mattress purchase, customers receive a free inflatable pool mattress.

The lesson here is obvious – make your offer and product relevant for the summer. It may seem impossible, but with a little creative out-of-the-box thinking, it can be done. And Casper has proven that there is a right way to go.

Bonus points for the delightful animation and the cute CTA that are so typical of the relaxed mood of the summer.

3. Sweetgreen – Showcase the right products

Health and fitness brands use the beginning of summer as a time to promote their products and memberships. Sweet green, a salad company, went one step further and introduced a refreshing seasonal range of salads with summer products. your Email design is clean and goes well with their clean green food philosophy. And the copy is filled with expressions that seduce the taste buds.

Heed the seasonal notices throughout the email, including the call to action. It is really tempting to “taste the summer”.

4. J.Crew – add intrigue

they say Nobody wants long emails more, but this one from J.Crew is such a treat we couldn’t stop scrolling. The subliminal message of a fashion brand that creates a cool image of ice cream in bright summer colors has not escaped us. Even if you’re not planning on buying anything, this email will put you in such a good mood that you’re more likely to click the call-to-action at the end of the scrumptious scroll.

Sure, not everyone loves a long scroll. However, the email is in advance of the
long scroll forward and cleverly includes a CTA just above the first scoop. Here’s a good lesson on how to find creative ways to reach all of your subscribers and reduce abandonment rates.

5. Madewell – Sell the benefit, not the product

How many times have we heard that? Yet it seems that brands only get this basic rule right a few times. We love this email from Well done because it’s empathic. It anticipates the summer needs of customers and positions its products as complementary to such as “pedi-friendly shoes”, which is much more attractive than just “summer sandals” – simply because it offers an insightful advantage. The message gives the customer the feeling that this is a brand that “understands” them.

It is also a good idea to properly categorize your accessories. Sometimes you don’t know if a business has something you need, and an email like this saves you the hassle of searching and scrolling. The easier your email makes the search and purchase process, the higher the chance of converting a subscriber.

Oh, and we love the subject line: “+ a bikini.“Quirky, interesting and addicting. Enough said!

All of these emails and examples showcase unique and diverse brand personalities, but they also capture the common themes and elements that we associate with summer. With a little planning, research, and creativity, your email campaigns can help make the summer season as successful as any other.

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