42 Should-know LinkedIn Statistics For Each Marketer


If you start separating each social platform based on its use case and ideal audience, one platform will stand out from the rest – Linkedin.

Linkedin is the largest professional social media network in the world. Since its inception, it has helped job seekers and professionals to strengthen their networks.

Recently, however, the platform has evolved in many ways to stay relevant to the ever-changing audience and work culture.

In addition to building critical networks to grow, Linkedin is also a popular place for marketers to advance their content marketing strategy, get leads, and achieve effective ROIs.

So don’t forget to hit the base with the latest LinkedIn stats if you plan on adding Linkedin to your marketing mix. Understanding the dynamics of the Linkedin audience and how they behave for other companies can help you optimize your marketing plan for the coming quarters.

So that you can quickly immerse yourself in new LinkedIn statistics, we have put together a list of statistics for a value-adding and appealing infographic.

We have divided the statistics into different sections:

  • Demographics – Here you can find out how many people are using Linkedin and are characterized in terms of age, income, location and gender.
  • use – Learn how users access and use LinkedIn.
  • engagement – Understand the engagement rate of different LinkedIn content formats
  • Companies – See how companies use LinkedIn to market themselves – social selling, customer service, content marketing, etc.
  • Show – How brands invest in LinkedIn ads, the returns they get, and the type of responses ads get on LinkedIn.

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Linkedin statistics infographic

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