25 Again to Faculty Topic Strains to Assist Get Your E mail Opened


It is that time of the year. Choose from our list of back to school subject lines for high open rates and more sales.

Back to school is a great sales opportunity. Whether or not you are selling something to students, this is a time when many people make purchasing decisions.

According to Mastercard SpendingPulse ™, which measures retail sales across all payment types, back-to-school sales in the US are expected to increase 5.5% from 2020 and 6.7% from 2019 onwards.

Email is the # 1 source when making back to school purchasing decisions. So if you’re selling something that students need, or just want to use the excuse to offer parents a deal, it’s time to start these emails with the perfect subject line.

4 School Eye-catching Email Subject Line Guidelines

Whether you’re using our recommended back to school subject lines or want to create your own, there are a few tried and tested guidelines for writing:

  1. Add “back to school” in the subject line. People associate back to school phrasing with deals. Adding this to your subject line will spark immediate interest.
  2. Keep it short. Shorter subject lines tend to stand out in an inbox. Try less than 40 characters in total.
  3. Get to the point. Buyers want to know exactly what’s in your email before they open it. Make a sale? Promotion of a new product? Include it in the subject line.
  4. Use emojis. An effective emoji will grab attention and can double the point of your email. We’re adding a list of 10 engaging emojis that you can use below.

Are you ready to get started with your email? Here are 25 general subject lines that you can keep or make small changes.

25 back to school subjects

  1. Ready to go back to school?
  2. Prepare for the back-to-school season
  3. School sales start today!
  4. Save a lot on back-to-school offers
  5. Just a day. Back to the school sale
  6. Offers for the start of school
  7. New _____ at the start of school
  8. Get ______ this football season
  9. Get an X% discount for the start of school
  10. Original back to school styles
  11. Back. To. School.
  12. Get back the essentials for school
  13. Free shipping on back-to-school orders
  14. Top 10 _____ for starting school
  15. Preparation for school: New year, new you
  16. Back to the school offers for you
  17. Back to campus styles
  18. It’s time for school again
  19. Fall favorites for back to school
  20. Selling back to school before fall
  21. Get ____ for your kids this school year
  22. Treat yourself during school time
  23. A fresh start this school year
  24. Just for back to school
  25. A fresh start. Back to school supplies

Do you want to reinforce your subject line with an effective emoji? Here are ten popular ones.

The 10 best emojis to add to your back to school emails

Test some of these emojis on your audience and see what gets their attention.

  1. ⌛ – hourglass. Use this emoji to show that the offer or promotion is only available for a limited time.
  2. ⚡️ – lightning. You can also use this emoji to highlight a short-term discount or promotion.
  3. 💰 – purse. Use this emoji to indicate that your buyers will save money by shopping through this email.
  4. 🍂 – Falling leaves. Use this emoji to set an autumnal tone.
  5. ✨ – Sparkles. This emoji indicates success and positivity. Try on both sides of your subject line.
  6. 📚📓 – books. Use these emojis next to any school news to make them stand out.
  7. 🛍️ – shopping bags. Use this emoji when selling products in person or online.
  8. 👞👕 – products. Use these emojis when selling products linked to a specific emoji (you can search online to find out).
  9. 🏈 ⚽ – sport. Use these emojis to indicate a specific time of year or when targeting sports fans.
  10. 👪 – family. Use this emoji when you address families with your offers. Keep in mind that there are many different family emoji options, so make sure you choose one that will resonate with your audience.

If you use emojis in your subject line, keep in mind that some people won’t necessarily see them. Always use them to improve, not replace, the message.

For example, use emojis like this:

👍 “Back to school book sales 📚”

Don’t use emojis like this:

👎 “Back to school 📚 sales”

A / B test your subject lines to find the best open rates

You can split test your subject line. Copy your email and give the copy a new subject line or add an emoji. Then with an A / B / C test, you can send the more successful subject line to the majority of your audience, resulting in better open, click, and sell rates!

Learn more about A / B testing your email.

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