Warstic rising from $ 200,00zero to over $ Eight million


Where do you even start if you want to grow your brand’s sales? Especially if it’s extremely niche? Today Ben Jenkins, owner of Warstic.com, is attending the show to discuss how he has grown his premium baseball bat brand to over $ 8 million in the last four years alone.

Listen as we negotiate investor valuation and how Ben was able to accelerate his brand’s growth so quickly. You’ll learn how he handled his insane workload (while having time to spend with his family), how he made his brand impact, and how he got Jack White of The White Stripes to get involved in his company.

You will learn:

  • Who Warstic.com was created for. (5:00)
  • What made the Warstic bats different? (8:35)
  • How Warstic rated their brand. (15:30)
  • Which accelerated Warstic’s growth during the pandemic. (21:00)
  • The greatest lessons Ben learned from leading a team. (24:33)
  • How he manages work while still making time for his family. (33:21)

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(With your hosts Andrew Youderian from eCommerceFuel.com and Ben Jenkins from Warstic.com)

What was mentioned
  • Ben Jenkins: website | LinkedIn | Instagram | Facebook | Twitter
  • eCommerceFuel Capital
  • Klaviyo
  • Klaviyo Personalized SMS
  • eCommerceFuel Forum

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Photo credit to Warstic.com with one of their premium bats.

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