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Email is a great balance for many brands. You don’t need to have a dedicated email team with years of experience to send an email that looks professional and elegant. This is just one reason why email is one of the most lucrative marketing channels for any business.

With a few tips and tricks, you can measure yourself against your biggest competitors. The key is knowing how to design an interactive HTML newsletter that gets noticed and gives your subscribers the most enjoyable experience.

An interactive HTML newsletter does just that. Start with the beginner elements and work your way up to the more advanced techniques.

How to integrate them into your strategy.

Types of Interactive HTML Emails (with Examples)

Interactive content can take many forms, which makes it perfect for email marketers at all levels. Here are some examples of common types of interactive HTML email.

Interactive elements for beginners

These interactive elements are the easiest for marketers to implement without a lot of time or expert knowledge:

  • Animated buttons
  • Show rollover caption
  • GIFs
  • Videos that play in the email

For example, Burberry uses a small interactive element in the following email. When you hover the mouse over the button, it animates to encourage clicks.

Interactive intermediate elements

These interactive elements require a little more knowledge to be implemented correctly and may be more time consuming to create:

  • Survey
  • quiz
  • calculator
  • Competitions
  • “Scrape off” discount animations

For example, Harry’s includes a quiz in a promotional email to then suggest personalized product recommendations based on the results:

Example of a promo HTML newsletter template

Advanced interactive elements

These interactive elements take time to create and animate, and some may require significant coding skills.

  • Games
  • Interactive content in long form (e-book downloads, white papers, lookbooks)
  • Interactive infographics

For example, Email Monks launched a vacation email that contained an interactive game:

Example of an interactive HTML newsletter template

Best Practices for Interactive HTML Email

Creating your interactive HTML email is not that different from creating normal email content. However, there are some best practices that we recommend.

Take into account the levels of awareness of your subscribers

The Content Marketing Institute found that the effectiveness of interactive content largely depends on the level of awareness. Most types of interactive content are most effective in the early to intermediate stages of awareness rather than the later decision-making stages.

However, there are some types of interactive content that lend themselves well to later stages. Here are our recommendations:

Early awareness

Enjoyable, entertaining, and shareable content is best during these stages. This may be because this type of interactive content doesn’t require a large investment of time or prior knowledge from people who may not be aware of your product or service.

For your early awareness subscribers, choose items like quizzes, games, and contests.

Medium levels of consciousness

In the middle phase of consciousness (pain-conscious and solution-conscious), interactive content that trains and qualifies subscribers is most effective.

For mid-tier subscribers, choose items such as interactive infographics, eBooks, and lookbooks.

Late stages of consciousness

When your subscribers are product aware, interactive content designed to help people make a decision is most effective.

For the later stages of awareness, choose items such as calculators. This type of interactive element provides subscribers with personalized knowledge that can help them make an informed decision about whether to buy or become a customer.

Take into account your time and budget constraints

With an email service provider like Campaign Monitor, creating interactive content is no longer restricted to large companies with huge email marketing budgets.

However, there are some types of interactive content that require more time and expertise that could be a burden on a smaller budget.

Here are our recommendations:

Small to medium-sized businesses with no email marketing teams

Opt for a simpler interactive element such as a quiz, survey, or competition. Or start with even simpler elements like a rollover text reveal or a GIF.

These types of interactive content will still surprise and delight customers, but they don’t require a high level of knowledge or a large budget to implement.

Companies with a large email marketing budget or a spirit of adventure

Larger companies with more email marketers and larger budgets should invest in complex forms of interactive content. For example, you can create a game, interactive video, or long-form interactive content such as an eBook.

Make your interactive HTML email fun

When in doubt, try to entertain. Consumers said they were more likely to buy from a brand that entertains them.

If you are unsure how to incorporate interactive elements into your email marketing, take the fun and entertaining path over the educational path. Some examples of fun interactive elements are creative quizzes, GIFs, scratch-off discounts, and games.

Combine interactive content with personalization

Make your emails extra enticing by combining interactive elements with a proven tactic to increase open rates, conversions, and satisfaction.

Take that into account:

  • Emails with personalized subject lines are 26% more likely to be opened
  • Personalized emails lead to 6x higher transaction rates
  • 26% of consumers like to reply to a personalized message from a retailer

Personalization can be subtle, e.g. B. segmenting your target audience to send highly relevant content, or more directly, e.g. B. the personalization of a subject line or a salutation.

Use of interactive HTML emails in a newsletter (with examples)

Email newsletters are some of the most consistent and frequent branded email subscribers. How can you use interactive HTML in your email newsletter?

Use tools to make it easy and quick

You don’t have to re-encode your HTML emails from scratch to include interactive elements. There are many tools that can be integrated with your email service provider to make integrating interactive elements quick and easy.

Here are some important tools to consider:

  • Jotform for surveys
  • Stripo for interactive HTML email templates
  • There are many interactive elements including calculators, quizzes, recommendations, forms, polls, chatbots, polls, contests, and ratings

Take inspiration from these interactive email newsletter examples

See how other companies are using HTML interactive email to create great email newsletters.

Wrap up

Don’t forget that just because you have a small team or budget, your email strategy doesn’t have to be simple. These interactive elements make your newsletter stand out.

  • HTML email is a must in marketing, however interactive HTML emails This is where you can focus on driving engagement, improving conversions, standing out, and competing with bigger brands.
  • Interactive HTML can be intimidating for smaller businesses without a large email team, but the use of tools makes it easy.
  • Interactive elements can also be simpler than expected, e.g. For example, add a video to your email or animate buttons.
  • You can eventually experiment with more complex fun options like gaming!

To start building interactive HTML email today, check out our HTML Email Template Builder.

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