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Multiple Sclerosis Limited is the point of contact for information, advice and support for people affected by multiple sclerosis in Australia. The organization is a combined entity of ACT, NSW, Victoria and Tasmania with over 60 years of experience in living well with progressive neurological diseases.

The nonprofit provides vital support and services to people with multiple sclerosis as the search for a cure continues. It used Email Marketing To fully involve donors, raise awareness, offer support and promote their events. Moving to Campaign Monitor and completing a key integration with Salesforce offer a number of key benefits:

  • A smoother, more intuitive user experience
  • Faster access to important participant data
  • Endless one-click personalization

The cornerstone of cross-channel non-profit communication

Affordability, scalability and powerful results Make email the perfect channel for many nonprofit initiatives from fundraising to advocating important causes.

Multiple Sclerosis Limited uses email as a key way to raise funds and attract attendees to a variety of events, from readathons to cycling challenges, among other things. A single event, from the start of the registration period to the post-event, can contain 60 or more emails sent!

“Email is in a strange phase where some people think they are dead and no one is using them,” said Amy Mulder, communications coordinator for the organization. “But then we see that it’s the most popular way to communicate with nonprofits. This is where we get most of our fundraising campaigns. People are really busy with it. For example, at our virtual MS Gong Ride event 2020, the six best days for the highest donations had emails as the only direct communication on that day. ”

While email is MS Limited’s greatest fundraising tool, it doesn’t work in a vacuum. The organization uses individual phone calls, text messages, social media, and other channels to engage its community and advance its mission.

Key integration makes MS a force to be reckoned with

An important development for the Multiple Sclerosis Limited event program since joining Campaign Monitor is the apps Salesforce email marketing integration.

The integration between two of the marketer’s largest and most powerful engagement tools comes with a powerful set of features. With this integration, Multiple Sclerosis Limited can:

  • Easily create beautiful branded email campaigns with Campaign Monitor Drag and drop email builder
  • Send targeted email campaigns to your contacts in Salesforce
  • Measure how email campaigns drive the pipeline and affect closed opportunities
  • View email statistics right in Salesforce
  • Map the Campaign Monitor email fields with Salesforce
  • Add subscribers automatically

Shortly after Mulder postponed events and collected notifications for Campaign Monitor, he initiated the Salesforce integration. The result: easier access to key data in a fraction of the time.

Previously, the email team had to go through half a dozen approvals and get support from their IT team to analyze data on different subscriber segments and use it to personalize the messages. The process can take up to a week for a single email campaign. Now that the two systems can securely relay this information back and forth, the data is available on request.

“The integration increases the seamlessness,” said Mulder. “The lists of participants for our events, z. B. for a bike tour, are updated every hour. So I can just create a segment where every attendee in this event who has raised $ 100, for example, shows that particular copy. It is so easy. I have more time to think about these strategic issues as I don’t have to deal with data manually. “

Turn “zeros” into MS heroes with dynamic content

MS Limited is fortunate to have a dedicated, generous community that continues to band together for support and activism. But like many nonprofits, MS Limited faces the constant challenge of convincing new contacts to take that first step, such as: B. register for an event, fill out an online profile or reach your first donation goal. It is that “Abandoned Car” of the non-profit world.

Mulder says taking people from scratch to help them build momentum, achieve higher goals, and keep participating in future events is tremendous. “Asking for money can be very cumbersome for some participants. We want to remind them that it is easy, all they have to do is communicate that they are participating and that of course people will support it. And we have everything you need to start sharing. personalized email templates and social posts. “

Event fundraiser email samples

The nonprofit incorporates dynamic content into emails that are customized to subscribers in this “zero” state to deliver encouraging messages and motivation to get the ball rolling. Campaign monitors Features for dynamic email content Now, Mulder and her team can add such personalization with a minimal investment of time and effort. This means that every recipient, whether a freshman from scratch or a seasoned veteran, gets one bespoke experience tailored just for you.

“I can send a campaign and have the content in each email tailored to what we know about the subscriber,” says Mulder. “So if they identify as female and are motivated by the challenge of the physical event they are participating in when they open, we can show the image of a woman overcoming the challenge. With Campaign Monitor it’s so easy that I can do it with one click. “

Example of dynamic content in non-profit email

During an email campaign for the 2020 Gong Ride Virtual Event, Mulder created a dynamic content email that they use to personalize the graphics in the email based on their personal distance they would drive during the event could. By adding this level of personalization through dynamic content, the MS Limited team was able to achieve a click-through rate that is twice the average. Additionally, with a simple retargeting email to those who hadn’t opened the previous email, they were able to get a click-through rate that was 5% above average.

Upgrading email service providers

Much of the success and improvement in the user experience for Multiple Sclerosis Limited can be attributed to the migration from its former email service provider Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Comparison table for campaign monitor and Salesforce

“Campaign Monitor is very easy to learn,” said Mulder. “When I started at MS Limited, we used Marketing Cloud and had a lot of usability issues. It wasn’t very user friendly. But then I had to work with the Campaign Monitor platform and I thought, “Oh my god, this is amazing!”

After the move, Mulder will have more independence and flexibility in their communication and personalization. Thanks to the intuitive user interface and powerful Salesforce integration, she can act quickly without having to rely on other parts of the company to get her job done.

“It’s so easy to use. It was so refreshing to switch from Marketing Cloud to Campaign Monitor. Because when I have that for my events, I no longer have to rely on IT, ”she said.

Learn more about Campaign monitor against Salesforce Marketing Cloud.

Wrap up

We are honored to work with nonprofits that are committed to serving important causes such as Multiple Sclerosis Limited worldwide. Find out more about their mission and work on your websiteand are considering contributing, volunteering, or registering for an event.

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