New greatest day for sending emails: Friday


Campaign Monitor is proud to publish our 2021 Email Benchmark Report, especially for the publishing industry and media groups.

In terms of email performance over the past year, publishers have done quite well compared to the overall average. People had more time to browse content and more of a reason to really bother with it.

Not only did consumers care more about breaking news and COVID-related topics, but they were also more concerned with learning and entertainment at home, including everything from DIY projects to yoga and baking.

But first, a little bit about what we saw in the 100 billion emails we checked from each of the industries we rated. In the first few months of the pandemic, particularly March and April, there was an increase in email volume and performance. We also looked at the performance indicators averaged over the year such as open rate, click rate, click rate and unsubscribe rate.

Overall, the open rates rose to 18% after increasing by more than 13 percentage points compared to the previous year. Think differently about that big leap – there are many more people interested in a particular email message! That can equate to millions of people for a large newsletter. The average click-through rate stayed pretty much the same at 2.6%, while the click-through rate to open dropped slightly to 14.1%.

Our customer Tim Huelskamp, ​​co-founder of 1440, points out the importance of the benchmark report: “We are constantly using the benchmark data to understand how we can improve our offering. We look forward to the Benchmark Report published every year as we not only use it to evaluate the data, but also to delve into some of Campaign Monitor’s segmentation tools to get a full picture of what ours Data and results really mean. ”

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Publishers have had some silver linings during the pandemic. As in all other industries, publishers saw an increase in March and April. People stuck at home used email (along with other digital content channels) as their preferred source of information for everything from entertainment to information, promotions, and offers. This gave a big boost to publisher emails and helped the industry outperform year-round.

Publisher and Media Email Marketing Performance:

  • Average open rate: 21.3%
  • Average click rate: 3.7%
  • Average click rate: 17.5%
  • Average unsubscribe rate: 0.0%

Perhaps most interestingly, the unsubscribe rate averaged close to 0.0%. Not only does this show better loyalty, it also shows potential gains in new subscribers that offset the average over the year.

Publishers will also be intrigued to know that Friday was the best performing day of the week across every KPI, which is surprising when compared to previous data. For years, Tuesday and Thursday performed best as people sat in front of their computers at work.

However, with users dialing in on both cell phones and computers almost any time of the day, they shifted some of their email time to later in the week. It is possible that they were busy on Zoom calls or they just saved their email management until the end of the work week.

Either way, this valuable insight should steer publishers ‘and media groups’ email schedules while people are still at home, and maybe even after, as millions of people choose to work remotely and maintain many of their new online media habits .

Huelskamp also noted, “Friday with the highest open rate was the most shocking data for us, but it was interesting to see that mobile open rates continued to decline this year. As a daily e-mail newsletter that is sent out in the early morning, we have seen a similar level of commitment at YOY overall, although this tends to occur later in the day. In a year that has changed commuting habits quite drastically, our thesis is that people are no longer on the train and are sleeping a little longer. So it makes sense that they read our messages on their computers rather than their phones. “

We recommend that you download it Complete report. After an unusual year, consumer behavior may never return to where we were before the pandemic. The Media and Publisher Benchmarks Report contains updated data that provides a reliable benchmark for the future.

See how your results compare and what changes you might want to test to take advantage of the new standards for email engagement.

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