Work much less, earn extra: the artwork of delegation for freelancers


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Getting distracted, managing work-life balance, or meeting tight deadlines are all problems of a freelance career. Even the most seasoned freelancers with years of experience, trial and error, need a little help from time to time to manage their workload. The art of delegation for freelancers also fits into all phases of your independent career!

You have probably wondered whether it is worth the cost of delegation, what tasks to outsource, and how to effectively delegate. We’ll show you that delegating as a freelancer is easy – and leaves you time to focus on the money-making side!

Focus on your strengths

When you’re doing tasks that you’re not very good at or that you don’t like, the process will take hours of your day to complete. They can also burden you and reduce your overall productivity. On the other hand, productivity is highest when you do things that you love.

The art of delegation for freelancers starts with knowing what you’re not good at. Be honest with yourself – and see if you can find someone to do the job for you! Another benefit is that the overall quality of your work improves as you have more time to focus on it.

Outsource to other reliable freelancers

You don’t have to hire employees to delegate! Use other freelancers on your network to share the workload. This will also help improve your future opportunities as they may also steer your work in your direction. It’s a mutually beneficial situation.

Meet a number of freelancers who work in and alongside your industry. Then when projects come in that need their expertise, you can outsource that element of the project. Since you have found the work, you can also use a percentage of the usual cost as a “finder’s fee” (usually 10%). Freelancers are always grateful to have a community that sends work in their own way, so often they are happy to give you that small amount in commission – because they didn’t have to work (or pay for marketing) to take the lead.

Outsourcing to freelancers also keeps your costs low. You are not responsible for paying your taxes or overhead expenses so keeping track of finances is really easy. Most freelancers who work this way bill the client as a whole and then send their outsourced amount to their freelancer friend. So this means that the outsourced fee is also written off against the tax return.

More time available

Another important benefit of delegation for freelancers is that you have more hours of your day off. That extra time can now be used to perfect a skill that can improve the quality of your service or bring more business.

You can also use this time to reach more people and expand your customer network. More free time gives you the opportunity to develop strategies and think creatively about new ways to increase your revenue stream. Outsourcing will reduce your workload, which can reduce your stress levels and fatigue. You have more time to focus on the aspects of the job that you enjoy, which will make you feel more satisfied with your career.

Get a virtual assistant

Freelance delegation means trusting others to do your job

Virtual assistants are a gift from God for many freelancers. You’ll take on tasks like booking meetings and travel preparations, managing social media, and managing administrators like invoices and emails. It can save you so much time every week – and because this type of work is YOUR skill, it takes less time than it would take you to do it too!

A virtual assistant can do a specific task for you, such as: B. balancing your books at the end of each month. Or, you can make them a more central part of your freelance business and have them do all of the administrative and even social media tasks. Many freelancers use a virtual assistant for small tasks first and then expand their role as the business grows.

Check the MoneyMagpie marketplace to see if there are any virtual assistants promoting their skills for you today!

Improve your tax returns

Your tax returns are a lot easier to manage when you have a virtual assistant or accountant to manage your bills and expenses! If your annual tax return is giving you a headache, it pays to hire an accountant to do it for you. It’ll cost a couple of hundred pounds. However, a good accountant will likely find where you can save much more on your returns. So it’s always worth investing in something.

Additionally, outsourcing fees that you pay to assistants, other freelancers, and even business coaches can be offset against your tax burden. So when you use freelancers to support your business, you benefit financially too!

How to effectively delegate

The secret of the art of delegation for freelancers is to do it well. Here are some useful tips on how to properly delegate tasks to get the most out of this experience for both parties.

  • Write a clear brief for the freelancer
  • Include appointments – and keep them!
  • Make sure they have the tools to complete the job
  • Be available for them to ask questions
  • Avoid Micromanagement – It Beats the Point!
  • Always remember to thank your freelance colleagues for their work.

The advantage of using freelancers instead of employees is that it is a flexible agreement on both sides. So if you find that a freelancer didn’t complete a project to your high standards, you don’t have to hire it again.

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