5 Habits of Very Profitable E-mail Entrepreneurs


Mark Twain once said, “Nothing needs to be reformed like other people’s habits.”

It’s easy to look at friends, co-workers, or competitors and point out their bad habits. Twain quickly recognized the hypocrisy in this behavior. We all have room for improvement, but what does it really take to find your place among successful email marketers? Let’s focus on the good habits.

Email Acid surveyed email marketers to learn more about how they define and measure success. We published these results in our exclusive report “Inbox Success: The Keys to Effective Email Marketing”. The survey also revealed some general criteria for a top-notch email marketing program.

We created the following infographic to highlight these keys to success. Keep the following concepts in mind as you launch new campaigns and lead your team to success!

Email Marketing Success InfographicClick for a larger picture

1. Know your email marketing metrics

Digital marketing is full of data. It’s easy to bury yourself in the numbers, but gold awaits those who dig deep enough. Successful email marketers know how to use their KPIs to gain critical insights that guide business and marketing decisions.

List segmentation is critical to gaining insight into subscriber behavior. If you segment the audiences correctly and then analyze the data, you will get clear insights into the types of content and campaigns your different audiences are most likely to respond to.

Beware of vanity metrics that look great on reports but don’t reveal the truth. Don’t be afraid of data that reveals potential problems, whether you’re an agency or an in-house marketer. Addressing these stats could be the fastest way to improve.

Our report found that more than half of respondents still view open rates as a key metric for email marketing. That’s not wrong – knowing who opened your email is great – but opening them only tells a small part of the story. Also, open rates can be unreliable for several reasons, including the fact that Outlook frequently blocks the pixels that are tracking the open. Also, some people only open emails to unsubscribe or delete them.

Email analytics tells you a lot about how people interact with your campaigns, but successful email marketers understand which metrics really matter. Because of this, our survey found that top-notch programs tend to focus on improving email engagement metrics as their primary goal.

2. Document your plans and processes

When your email marketing master plan is all in your head, you’re going to be in trouble. Successful email marketers write their plans on paper (or pixels). The same goes for Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that the team uses to track and report dashboards that you can use to track and compare your measurement data.

The Content Marketing Institute found that 65% of the most successful B2B marketers have a documented strategy, but only 14% of the least successful marketers document their plans.

An important internal process that needs to be documented is your pre-deployment checklist. What should your team test and review before starting your next email campaign? It’s easy to overlook an important step that can lead to a costly email error.

Yes, defining and documenting your processes is time consuming, but it pays off in the long run. Once set up, you can automate certain processes and save time. Email on Acid offers Campaign Precheck, our automated pre-send checklist that you can use to tweak and refine tests before they are deployed.

3. Test before and after sending

When you think of email testing, you can think of splitting subject lines, graphics, or messaging tests. This type of testing is extremely helpful, but don’t ignore the importance of testing every email before sending it.

Pre-deployment testing improves deliverability, helps you spot typos or broken links, and gives you a preview of how your campaigns will be rendered when a contact opens their email. Our email readiness platform offers email previews on more than 90 different live clients and devices.

If you make sure everything is working as expected, there is no need to discard your emails during the split test because one of your variants was sent with an error.

4. Keep an eye on the efficiency of the email team

Too often, the bigger the organization or email marketing team, the more difficult it is to produce things quickly and efficiently.

In our email errors whitepaper, nearly 70% of email marketers indicated that it would take them more than a week to launch a campaign. It’s not exactly fast. Successful email marketers are more likely to use cutting-edge solutions to improve speed and efficiency. The right technology automates tedious tasks and improves collaboration between email teams in planning, designing, developing, and launching email.

For example, our email bug report found that 57% of respondents use manual processes for pre-deployment testing. This means that they often send test emails to colleagues to open them on different clients and devices.

Are you sure these coworkers know what to look for in your email test? Do you rely on their opinion on how the email was rendered instead of seeing a preview with your own eyes? That’s quite a risk. Email on Acid gives you a much more efficient and accurate way to get this job done!

5. Learn, teach and innovate

Among other things, our new report discusses the drivers for change in the email industry. While email service providers and certain agencies have been trendsetters in the past, a new generation of innovators is entering the scene. These are technology companies building AI for email, interactive features, and real-time indicators that successful email marketers can use to take their efforts to the next level.

Taking calculated risks and adopting these technologies early creates the demand for more innovation when others follow your example. As an email pioneer, you also position yourself as a marketing thought leader. Thought leaders are lifelong learners too. If you want to be successful, stay curious and never get too big for your own British – because email is always evolving.

Successful email marketers share their knowledge with others. This could mean hosting lunch and learning for the company, contributing to your company’s blog, or speaking at industry events. The idea is that sharing will help everyone become more successful and move the email industry forward.

Learn more about the characteristics of successful email marketers

Curious what else our survey of email marketers found? We have statistics on the most trusted metrics, top tactics, and more. You will also learn what your co-workers consider their greatest challenges and who wants to keep investing in email in the coming months.

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Author: Kasey Steinbrinck

Kasey Steinbrinck is Email at Acids Content Marketing Manager. He has created lead-generating digital marketing plans for a wide variety of companies and knows how valuable content drives a powerful email strategy. Kasey lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin (Go Packers) with his wife and three runaway boys.

Author: Kasey Steinbrinck

Kasey Steinbrinck is Email at Acids Content Marketing Manager. He has created lead-generating digital marketing plans for a wide variety of companies and knows how valuable content drives a powerful email strategy. Kasey lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin (Go Packers) with his wife and three runaway boys.

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