Amazon Vendor Suspensions: All Your Questions Answered


Appeal it, of course, but only after you have found the right way to act responsibly! How do you ensure that your calling is successful?

First, determine the background reasons Amazon suspended you. Identify the root causes and the general nature of the suspension. What made them close your entire account and not just an entry or two? Put more simply: “What created this situation as described by Amazon?”

To demonstrate how you fixed a problem, you need to prove to Amazon that you know what went wrong in the first place.

If you get stuck in this area, ask yourself: What previous notifications on your Account Health dashboard indicated problems were on the way? If you got suspended for policy violations, were notifications sent but never resolved? Have ASIN-level warnings been ignored?

Next, identify certain initial steps that you will take to address the situation. Would you fix the problem by improving your operational processes? If the problem is related to product quality, will you end supplier relationships or replace existing suppliers with better ones? What details can you show Amazon to review these new suppliers?

If you’ve been suspended due to product condition issues (such as “Sold Used As New”), you will improve your quality control procedures to ensure that anything less than 100% looks new (or less than 100%, like at Amazon) caught and taken out of inventory before it sells?

These are the types of questions Amazon employees ask themselves when reviewing your action plan and want detailed, compelling answers.

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