12 causes entrepreneurs ought to check each electronic mail marketing campaign


If you don’t test every email you send, it’s like you don’t brush your teeth every day. Something’s going to stink in the end: your breath or your results. Stop testing or brushing long enough and you are sure to have serious problems.

Email marketers are busy as a lot is expected of an email strategy. It needs to drive website traffic, drive and convert leads, build customer loyalty, and reduce churn. This is just to start with.

Our survey on Delivering Email Perfection found that it takes most teams around a week or two to develop a new campaign. Taking the time to test each email can seem unduly tedious given all of the other steps you take to get an email out the door. After you’ve made all of these efforts, testing email pre-deployment with an automated tool like Email At Acids Campaign Pre-Check is well worth the extra time.

Don’t you believe us Let’s take a closer look. The graphic below shows 12 reasons why every campaign requires email testing.

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Why test every email with a campaign pre-check?

Because email errors happen

1. Typos and misspellings

Spell check icon

It is easy for a small typo to slip through the cracks, even with multiple people proofreading copies of emails and graphics. But each time your customers lose a little trust and respect for your brand. It’s not always small either. We’ve all heard the horror stories about a naughty word that was overlooked because it got a little too close to the word you were trying to use.

That’s why Campaign Precheck includes a content checklist that will automatically identify misspellings in your email so you can fix them before you hit send. It’s a safety net for bugs after adding these last minute changes.

2. Bad links

404 error icon

In most cases, one of the primary purposes of email marketing is to get people from their inboxes to your website. You want them to take a specific action: display a landing page, check out a new product, or read important company news. However, a broken link in an email is a costly mistake.

You lose potential sales and frustrate your subscribers who land on the wrong content or see a 404 page instead of what they expected.

For this reason, the Email-on-Acid Content Checklist includes a URL review to ensure that every link in your message is checked. This feature even double-checks the UTM parameters so you can capture tracking data accurately.

3. Personalization errors

Personalization symbol

According to Campaign Monitor, personalized subject lines increase open rates by 26% and personalized marketing experiences lead to an average increase in sales of 20%. Statista reports that an overwhelming 90% of US consumers find marketing personalization attractive.

However, when you personalize email, the clutter can have the opposite effect. When a subscriber says “Hey [firstname]In an email, the curtain is pulled back and the magic of personalization disappears. Now they know that they are just another name on the list.

Pre-deployment testing can help you catch these types of email errors before you hit Send. Email on Acid’s email preview shows whether the personalization fields are not filled in correctly when sending tests through your ESP or using sample data for the automated process address.

Because emails are constantly evolving

4. Email client rendering inconsistencies

Email client icon

One of the biggest challenges for developers is getting email to display as intended on different clients and devices. The way things are rendered in Gmail can be vastly different from Apple Mail, and Outlook can be very challenging at times. There is no standardization. What you need is a way to view your email in a variety of inboxes.

Because of this, emails in Acid’s email previews provide a reliable way to review your work on 90 different clients and devices. You can’t troubleshoot email rendering problems that you don’t know about. So test every email!

5. Dark mode and accessibility

Dark mode icon

One UX trend that is giving designers and developers a lot of headaches is dark mode email. As mentioned earlier, email clients render things very differently. Fixing these issues becomes even more complex when you add dark mode settings to the mix.

Dark mode is related to the accessibility of emails. This is another UX factor that marketers need to consider in order to reach as many people as possible.

We added an accessibility tool to our platform that will help you reach more subscribers. Also, Acid Email includes a dark mode preview so you can shed some light on how users will experience your email with these settings enabled.

6. Interactive / dynamic emails

Dynamic email icon

Edged email marketers are actively investing in developing their strategy. For many, this includes exploring interactivity and dynamic content. The future of email includes the ability to fill out forms without leaving your inbox, personalized product recommendations, and real-time information.

The tools and resources to add these impressive features cost time and money. Don’t waste your efforts or budget. Make sure everything is working and displaying as expected. Test every email every time!

Because testing before emailing will improve your reach

7. Avoid spam filters and domain block lists

Spam symbol

You need to address deliverability issues if you want your campaigns to be successful. An email that ends up in the spam folder is a wasted email. Domain block listing could be an even bigger problem.

Your ESP may not alert you to spam problems until after you have sent your email. However, the Campaign Pre-Check for E-mail in Acid can be used to perform pre-e-mail deliverability checks. We test your e-mails using 23 different spam filters and check the IP address of your domain using several known blacklisting services.

8. Boost opens with a better inbox display

Open rate symbol

There are many different inboxes. What does the subject line and pre-header text of your email look like in each of them? Many subscribers choose to open their email based on the subject line only. Optimizing the inbox display is therefore a strategic step.

With Email On Acid, you can increase open rates while previewing the information displayed in the subject line, text before the header, and in the sender name. Your email only has one chance to make a great first impression!

9. Optimize email for mobile devices

Mobile optimization icon

Your team develops and designs emails on desktops, but a large part of your target audience opens these emails on smartphones and tablets. There are many different mobile devices. Are you sure your emails are always displayed as intended?

Some email teams use manual processes to check for device rendering issues. This often means sending a test email to a colleague using a certain type of phone. Email on Acid lets you see exactly what it will look like on dozens of different devices. Our mobile screenshots provide you with accurate results.

Because email testing offers protection

10. Protect your investment in email marketing

Email roi symbol

Whether you’re an email team of one or you run a large email team, mistakes happen. But you can also easily avoid most of them. From your email service provider and all of the email tools you use, to the salaries you pay and the agencies and consultants you hire, investing in email doesn’t come cheap.

However, it is a worthwhile investment. Email remains one of the most consistent marketing channels. When you test every email, make sure you get the most of it.

11. Protect your brand’s reputation

Brand Agent Icon

Do you want to destroy trust and damage your brand’s reputation? Send a few bad emails that will frustrate and disappoint your subscribers. All you need is a couple of typos, some broken links, and designs that render in an unattractive or illegible way.

Would you like to appear as professional as possible and stay in good shape with your customers and prospects? Test every email, every campaign, every time.

12. Protect your job security

Job security

It is unrealistic to expect complete perfection from every email team. But let’s face it, you make enough costly mistakes and someone could improve their resume and hit the online job boards.

There are probably some people in your organization who don’t understand how difficult it is to get email marketing up and running. All you see is an email that didn’t render properly or a typo in your copy. When you test with Email on Acid, you have a little extra job security.

Start testing with Email on Acid today

Email testing vastly improves your chance of delivering email perfection. And with the right solution, it’s pretty painless.

Perhaps you subscribed to Email on Acid months ago and haven’t used it recently. You might assume that since you’ve tested your templates, everything should be fine. It’s risky.

Because email is constantly evolving and there can be so many problems with any email, testing any email campaign should be a priority. Using acidic email alleviates the dreaded button-sending fear and gives you confidence and security. Your investment, your brand and your workplace are safe with Email on Acid.

Take care of rest – log in now and start the test. Do You Have Questions? Contact us and let us know. If you haven’t tested your email yet … what better time than now? We are offering a 7 day free trial so you can see how it works.

Author: Kasey Steinbrinck

Kasey Steinbrinck is Email at Acids Content Marketing Manager. He has created lead-generating digital marketing plans for a wide variety of companies and knows how valuable content drives a powerful email strategy. Kasey lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin (Go Packers) with his wife and three runaway boys.

Author: Kasey Steinbrinck

Kasey Steinbrinck is Email at Acids Content Marketing Manager. He has created lead-generating digital marketing plans for a wide variety of companies and knows how valuable content drives a powerful email strategy. Kasey lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin (Go Packers) with his wife and three runaway boys.

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