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A strong first impression – and second and third impressions – is paramount in creating lifelong brand ambassadors. Branding is key to engaging your guests and turning them into repeat customers. It is what helps them find you among your competitors.

Incorporating your branding into every aspect of your business model can be a daunting task, especially in these days when most of your customers or prospects are digitally interacting with your company.

The consistent use of certain colors, fonts and styles in your products and in the store ensures instant recognition by your customers. This recognition is good for your relationships, which in turn is good for your bottom line.

This is where email comes in. Our customers rely on email for one-to-one communication, regardless of their industry or size. That’s why we’ve made it easier than ever to design and send emails that are tailored to your brand.

Introduction to branding templates

We introduce Trademark templates This makes it much easier to get started with or update your email program. Just enter your website URL and Campaign Monitor will find your logos and key brand colors and import them straight into a number of popular email templates:

Once your templates have been created, add additional text and content to your email and start sending. We even included best practices as placeholder text so that you can get friendly advice right where and where you need it most.

Email is a tried and tested way to connect with your biggest fans. You can include personalized content, calls to action that lead directly to your website, and relevant articles for helpful information.

Tracking down all of your branded colors, logos, and fonts shouldn’t be time consuming and should slow down the time it takes to send your first email. Time is not something someone is in excess under the best of circumstances, and this holiday season, more than any other in recent history, should be nothing between you and year-end earnings.

This process becomes even more complicated when you need to work across teams and keep your elements consistent. This is where brand templates from Campaign Monitor come into play.

Use of branded templates

With a Campaign Monitor account, you can create branding templates in a few simple steps:

  1. Login to your account
  2. Choose My templates on the overview page
  3. Choose Create a new template
  4. Choose Add your brand
  5. Enter your website url

Branded templates will help your email strategy be up and running in minutes.

At this point, you can approve your branding elements and they will be automatically uploaded to a number of templates. Pick the one that best suits your purpose and from there you can add your content just like with our other templates.

Whether you’re just starting out or a current Campaign Monitor customer is looking for an update, branding templates are an easy way to send unique emails that match your brand.

Wrap up

Whether you’re a small business or have a dedicated marketing team, you rely on in-person interactions and people experiencing your brand to turn prospects and customers into brand loyalists – something that totally does in a world of in-person interactions different is are limited.

Our branded templates make it easier than ever to get started with your email marketing program quickly. With consistent branding elements, you can focus on making connections and getting back to doing what you love.

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