5 Essential Parts Your Web site Could Be Lacking


A website of your own is a crucial tool for many companies and companies, be it as a business, as a place for customer interfaces or just for self-promotion. What business owners don’t realize is that some key elements of your website can easily be overlooked.

1. Email login tool

An email sign-up area is especially important if you run an online store or service, as a newsletter email is a great way to reach new and existing customers who like for updates and notifications on specials Sales times and discounts look for events. With that said, you will be amazed at how many websites don’t have email login functionality on their home page. You can easily get hold of a free email sign up form or contact a provider like MailChimp that allows you to copy / paste the pre-written HTML code right into the coding of your website.

2. Quality images

Of course, no great website would be complete without images, but many websites struggle with getting high quality and relevant images for free. Aside from the usual cheesy, copyright-free image listings available on traditional photo websites, there are a number of royalty-free niche photo websites that offer something a little less generic. Sites like Negative Space and Death to the Stock Photo specialize in high-profile looking images that give your website a more professional look.

In addition, the platform on which you build your website is also a factor in the quality of the overall appearance of the pages. These packages are better than a free website builder because the latter doesn’t come with extras like photo libraries, while a paid option from a reputable provider does. It’s usually better to try a paid website package with a 30-day money-back guarantee and see for yourself whether the advantages of paid hosting over free webbuilders are worth it.

3. Search engine optimization (SEO)

Search engine optimization is a key thing

Every website needs the basic optimization to be highlighted and included in relevant search engine results like metadata and title / heading tags. However, many website owners do not know how this can be achieved in order to get higher ranking results showing up in major search engines like google and getting more traffic through their website. The basic principles of SEO are detailed in this comprehensive guide by Moz.

It may surprise you to hear that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google. So for those with an already established understanding of SEO know-how, it is advisable to check out our top tips for optimizing your YouTube video too.

4. Social media links

Make money through social networks

Remember to link to your associated social media accounts to take full advantage of your website’s traffic and followers. The social buttons (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.) are an integral part of almost every page on the web these days, allowing customers and visitors to share content that may attract more visitors to your website.

5. New posts

A steady flow of new content is critical to ensuring the validity of a website. Adding content on a regular basis shows search engine bots that you are an active and contributing member of the internet and not another of the millions of abandoned websites scattered across the web. The mistake many website owners make is having their websites stagnate for weeks or days. So make sure you change things up as often as possible – whether it’s text, images, links, or embedded videos.

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