Marketing campaign Monitor publishes e mail hyperlink overview and branding templates


Email capabilities reduce the fear of sending, so customers can test links at scale and simplify the process of creating custom templates.

Campaign Monitor, a provider of powerful, yet intuitive Email marketing softwaretoday announced two major feature releases, Link Review and My Branded Templates.

Link Review notifies customers of broken or missing links that need to be updated for all outbound email campaigns. My branding templates provide an easy way for users to set up custom designs with their logo and colors by simply entering their organization’s URL. Together, these two releases improve customer confidence in sending e-mails, save valuable time and at the same time create higher quality customer interaction with their target groups.

“With Link Review I can review all links before submitting them. This is of great help as we send a large number of emails with different links. It has brought a lot of confidence in emailing, ”said Jasmine Thomas, email marketing manager at Lulu Press.

More than ever, when businesses compensate for increased workload during the holiday season, Campaign Monitor sought to address the common challenges related to the fear of sending email. Link validation enables customers to identify missing, broken, and incorrect links in one easy-to-edit area. This powerful tool reduces errors and saves time while ensuring that accurate emails are sent.

Lots of companies are looking for improve their brand consistency They rely on email as an important channel of communication with their audience. My branded templates do the work for clients. The feature automatically pulls logos and colors from a company’s URL, so companies can not only get started quickly, but also make sure their brand stays consistent.

“Our customers were heroic in 2020, communicating with their audience in stressful times, adapting quickly and dealing with tense resources. We’re excited to release Link Review and My Branded Templates tools that customers can use to get started quickly and reduce errors. This builds trust as so many of our customers are expanding their digital strategy, ”said Kalyn New, director of product and customer marketing for Campaign Monitor.

Information about the campaign monitor

Campaign Monitor, a brand of the CM Group, is a global technology company that offers a powerful, yet intuitive, email marketing platform. Campaign Monitor was founded in 2004 and aims to provide customers with the tools they need to make meaningful connections with their target audiences. Over 250,000 customers worldwide use Campaign Monitor’s easy-to-use design, personalization, and automation tools to create and deliver stunning emails that drive real business results. For more information about Campaign Monitor or to try it for free, visit

About the CM Group

CM Group is a family of global marketing technology brands including Campaign Monitor, Emma, ​​Vuture, Delivra, Liveclicker, Sailthru, and Selligent. By bringing these leading brands together, CM Group offers a variety of world-class solutions that can be used by marketers at every level. CM Group is headquartered in Nashville, TN, and has US offices in Indianapolis, Los Angeles, New York, Pittsburgh and San Francisco, and offices in Australia, Belgium, UK, New Zealand, France and Uruguay.

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