Introduction to the Hyperlink Overview Device in your e-mail advertising and marketing


Send fear is real, and no matter how long you’ve been in email marketing or how experienced you are, send fear never really goes away. In fact, customers tell us that one of the biggest mistakes they fear when sending an email is including a broken or missing link.

Jumbled links can cost you more than just time and embarrassment. When you publish, your newsletter is your product and any missing or incorrect URL will damage your brand reputation.

According to Verizon Media Australia Pty Ltd, “we typically check each link three times and then send tests to at least two people on the team to make sure everything is correct. We work in the publishing business and it is incredibly important that every story is linked to the correct URL. “

You have put all of these efforts into creating an engaging copy that will compel your reader and you have crafted a call to action that is bold and enticing. But when your readers click, there is nothing. Or they end up in the wrong place on your website. Now you have missed the opportunity to convert subscribers and you cannot be sure if you can get their attention back.

We want marketers to feel confident every time they ship, regardless of their level of experience. Because of the time and fear involved in checking, reviewing, and even triple checking your links, we’re introducing a new tool that will allow our customers to send emails with confidence and efficiency.

Frontier Touring says, “The Link Review tool has quickly become a natural part of my proofing process.”

Introduction to the new Link Review Tool

Now Campaign Monitor has one Check the links Button in our email builder. Here you will be informed about missing or broken links in your current email. You will also receive a notification if a link has not been updated if the email was copied from a previous campaign.

Lulu Press says: “[The Link Review tool] brought a lot of confidence in sending e-mails. This reduced the amount of time I spent checking links where I would send test emails to myself and click through all of the links to check that they were working properly. “

If your email has a broken or missing link, you’ll be prompted to review and update the link while you’re still in the email builder.

Campaign monitor comparison

Here is a brief overview of other ESPs that offer or do not offer link checking functions:

Compare the Campaign Monitor link review tool

Send with confidence

Universal Magazines told us, “I think anyone who has ever sent a campaign email has had concerns about sending bad links. A bad link can cause a number of problems, and in the worst case scenario, ruin the intent of even sending a campaign email. “

We know how much time and effort you spend composing your emails, not to mention the time it takes to review to make sure everything in your email is pixel perfect. The copy, design, lists, and personalization must be verified before submitting, and it’s easy for something as innocuous as a misspelled URL to get through your checks to produce disastrous results.

At Campaign Monitor, we know that a missing or broken URL link in your email is a common mistake that can be a headache to fix.

Not only is a broken link a pain to you, it damages your brand reputation, prevents your email from delivering the results you expect, and often takes additional time and resources to fix the error.

After all the time you’ve spent turning every detail into an effective email, don’t let a broken link steal your results.

Wrap up

With our link review tool, you can be sure that a simple mistake won’t ruin your results. You have more important things to take care of, such as: B. how you serve your customers and run your company. Now your pre-flight checklist has one less task to do.

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