Amazon Storefronts: All Your Questions Answered


In addition to the Store Builder, Amazon Storefronts has its own simple analysis tool called “Store Insights” in Seller Central or Amazon Advertising.

Store Insights provides information on how visitors are finding your store, total sales, each page’s performance, and more. You can then use this information to improve the design and content of your store, and to promote your store more effectively.

You can also view graphs of traffic and sales over time in Store Insights. Here is an example:

Note that product sales can be classified as “Direct Sales” or “Halo Sales”. Direct selling are products that were purchased by a customer after viewing a store page that displayed that exact product. Halo sales are your branded sales that included the product you purchased Not Appears on the store pages that the customer viewed. As such, his decision may have been influenced by your entire store rather than a specific product.

We think the most useful part of Store Insights is “Sources” that show how visitors found your storefront. Knowing where people came from to reach your business and how that translates into sales can help you plan promotional campaigns and other marketing initiatives. For example, if you find that sponsored brands are generating more sales than Facebook ads, you can change your spend or ad content to generate more revenue.

It’s especially interesting to see how much organic traffic is reaching your business. Although the brand link on the product pages is small and inconspicuous, usage can increase as more stores are built and customers discover and enjoy the wider brand experience.

Overall, Amazon categorizes traffic sources as follows:

  • From ads for sponsored brands.
  • Organic clicks on the brand link on the product detail pages as shown above.
  • Tagged sources that can be used to tag links from outside of Amazon.
  • Other sources that Amazon cannot attribute to any of the above sources.

Tagged sources are great for tracking clicks from social media, your own website, or anywhere you manually add your store link. You can create starred links manually or in Store Insights and track how many visitors clicked those links.

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