5 worthwhile niches for individuals who wish to begin running a blog in 2019


Blogging is not only a fantastic way to share your thoughts with the world and (virtually) meet new people. It’s also a surprisingly effective way to make money. If you get enough followers, there are several ways you can grow sales: you can sell products, attract donations, benefit from affiliate links, and even work with brands as an influencer.

But it takes more than a dedicated voice and a lot of enthusiasm and dedication to make money as a blogger. You also need to target the right niche.

What are you? Well, I’m not going to list them all, but I will point you out 5 that are well worth your time. Here you are:


Everyone wants to be healthier and everyone has goals related to that desire. You may have fitness goals like losing weight or gaining weight, or the ability to jog a certain distance. You may have overall health goals like eating better, getting rid of your back pain, or feeling less stressed.

Blog to make money

Because of this, the traffic for health blogs can be massive. In addition, the opportunities for partners are enormous. There are so many relevant products to suggest – from running shoes to back supports – and the values ​​vary enormously, so you won’t be short of options.

However, if you want to target this niche, you need to find an edge. Is there anything special you can advise on? A specific exercise or health area? The more specific you create your content, the better your competitive chances will be.


Regardless of your circumstances, whether you’re rich, poor, or something in between, money is important to you. It’s also something that many of us don’t get along well with. We don’t know how to save, how to make sensible buying decisions (or, admittedly, decisions in general), or how to invest – so we turn to experts for guidance.

However, there are so many tips and tricks out there, many of which only apply to specific areas or to specific types of people, that there is still room for new bloggers in this niche. Storytelling is a great tool here: talk about your own problems with money and how you could adjust your mindset to get better results.

Monetization is done here through affiliate links to financial software, guides, or courses. As you establish yourself as an expert, you can write your own guide and offer it at a low cost (or just allow users to pay for what they want for it).


The gaming market is bigger than ever. Video games are indeed the top-selling entertainment market after moving from being a stigmatic pastime to a mainstream industry. And since there’s still a lot of growth to come, it’s a good time to blog about it.

You can blog about your gaming experiences, what your favorite games are and what you are looking forward to. You can analyze game schedules and seek interviews with game developers. You can even stream your own gameplay through a website like Twitch for additional ad revenue and grow your fan base.

However, you don’t have to stop playing regular video games. There’s also the ever-expanding world of online gambling – instead of going to real physical casinos, people can stay at home and gamble in their spare time. Websites like Online Casinos and Slots Up describe the best online casinos. Try it out and blog about your experience. Even if you crash and burn, it can be fun (assuming you’re not risking something you can’t afford to lose).


The world of influencer marketing is mainly driven by fashion products. Regardless of whether they are showcasing lipsticks, lingerie, watches or makeup, influencers earn huge sums of money with very simple product placement options.

Easily sell your fashion online like old clothes to make more money

Can you do it too? Unless (or until) you have many thousands of followers, no – but you don’t need that many followers to make money blogging about fashion because simple affiliate links (even to sites like Amazon) can help you out, though You really can let your followers start buying.

Fashion is great because everything is subjective and driven by emotions. You don’t have to explain why a particular dress is the best: you just have to show people how happy it makes you and they want it to make them happy too. It’s simple psychology.


We all try to be better, rounder people, and cooking plays a big part in that. Cooking shows are enjoying growing popularity around the world. Millions of people watch chefs work and follow their recipes. What’s special about cooking blogging is that there are no right or wrong answers: your recipes and preferences are clearly yours.

It is next to impossible to monetize individual recipes, so I’m not suggesting trying. Instead, offer recipes for free and then collect them in a cookbook to sell. You can also earn affiliate income by linking to cooking appliances and even stream your cooking live on YouTube or Facebook.

How about some branded blog articles in the long run? For example a branded apron or branded cookie cutters. There are many ways to get creative. So experiment and see what your followers are interested in.

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