10 Straightforward Methods to Have Christmas Dinner on a Finances


Christmas dinner is a big affair for many families. It can also get a little expensive. With all of the meat, side dishes, and desserts, it can definitely be a drag on your vacation budget.

You have already spent money on Christmas gifts and the likeOther vacation costs, so it is important to keep the cost of your meal down stress free Christmas. The following tips will help you save on a cheap Christmas dinner.


It’s easy to remember during the holidays Make a budget for the gifts, but what about the Christmas dinner? Determine how much you can afford to spend on special meals during the Christmas season, then stick to your budget when putting your Christmas menu together. Make sure you also pay for your purchases with cash so you don’t over-spend.

2. SAVE YOUR BUDGET by skipping the high-end meat

Sure, a prime rib roast or honey baked ham could be heavenly. But a nice smaller ham, ham steak or turkey breast could be cheaper. The meat doesn’t have to be expensive to make a wonderful meal. This is such an easy way to save money on your Christmas dinner. For more budget-friendly food ideas, see How To Make Christmas On A Budget.

3. Divide and conquer

This tip doesn’t only help Save your Christmas budget. It also saves time and reduces vacation stress. Ask family members who come for dinner to bring one of the side dishes or appetizers. You can have one person bring a sweet potato casserole, another homemade cranberry sauce, and another person bring the green bean casserole. When your guests help out, they’ll feel more involved in the meal and you won’t spend your time (or money) in the kitchen on Christmas Day.

4. Don’t go overboard with Christmas dinners

Make sure you know exactly how many guests will be attending your Christmas dinner. There is a difference in the amount of food you need for five people versus eight. Frugal habits That includes not wasting food. If you cook too much, you will not only waste time but also money by having leftovers that will never be eaten.


In accordance with good money habits, you will need a shopping list. Take more time to review your grocery store coupons so you really hit your budget. See the store advertisements for their “loss guides” (these are items on the covers that are typically priced below retail prices so you can get in the store to shop). Compare costs to see if you can save by shopping at a warehouse club during the holiday season.

6. SAVE MONEY by skipping the FANCY DECOR

Nobody will notice if you have a $ 75 flower arrangement in the center of your Christmas table. Opt for cheaper Christmas decorations such as paper snowflakes on the table, an ornamented garland branch or even small gifts under your Christmas tree.

Another unique idea to use DIY Christmas decorations is to take a regular balloon, fill it with water, and freeze it. Once it’s frozen, cut away the balloon and place the “ice ball” in a crystal bowl and set it on your table. Use candle holders or other objects to vary the height and fill balloons in different amounts. Your festive party decorations cost nothing but these few balloons.


It may take more work, but using a tried and true Christmas dinner recipe can save you money. When you buy ready-made meals, the costs can really add up.


Plan your menu around Thanksgiving. With sales increasing during the month of December, it’s time to buy the items you need to sell. This will help you tackle your list over time and ensure you are getting the lowest possible price for anything you need for a delicious Christmas dinner.


It’s easy to make a shopping list of every ingredient you need for your Christmas dinner on a budget. However, you may find that you already have many of the ingredients on hand! Check your pantry, refrigerator, and freezer to see what you don’t need to buy to keep your vacation expenses in check.

10. Let your Christmas dinner left-handed work

Use up all of your leftovers to prepare additional dinners and / or lunches for the following week. You can use turkey to make turkey and pasta, ham scraps for gratinated potatoes, and ham and potatoes for potato soup. (You can even upgrade your potatoes for a fun craft project with your kids!) Check out Pinterest for all sorts of amazing ways to use up your leftovers.

The most important thing about Christmas is being around people who are important to you. The food, the decorations and the falling snow don’t matter in a big way.

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